Playing with Fire

Boxing Models

By Michael J. Legeros


This month, the subject is moving. I recently had the "pleasure" of boxing my entire collection in preparation for relocation. Some 22 hours were required to package 500 die-cast emergency vehicles ranging in scale from 1:16 to 1:143. For those keeping score at home, that includes 79 "regular" Code 3 pieces and five Diamond Plate editions. Plus one white Franklin Mint aerial ladder, thank you very much. Since I'm staying in the same city, the models were packed securely but not obsessively so. They'll be carefully transported by car, versus via moving van. That's the plan, at least.

Here's what the whole thing looked like:

The models were loose, displayed in cases or cabinets or even aquariums.

The boxes for the models had been stowed, such as these Code 3 domes.

Rather than repackaging those 1:64 beauties, each was bubble-wrapped.

Secured with tape, they were placed in a short rectangular box, one layer per box.

Four such boxes were required for my entire Code 3 collection, plus a few filler pieces. I did repackage my Super Pumper System, however.

Easier packing were my same-sized Matchbox Collectibles International Fire Engines boxes.

Ditto for my Del Prado World Fire Engines.

Aren't they a colorful lot?

Most other mid- and large-scale models were also repackaged...

...though some of the boxes had been stored flat, so that took extra time.

For "pocket cars," such as Matchbox and Tomy, these $5 cases from Big Lots were handy. Don't forget the tissue paper.

Here's a few of those familiar plastic cases.

Action figures were left loose, however. The ugly ones are face down.

Needless to say, the walls of my living room are now bare.

And the floor is serving as a staging area.

Now if I can just find something strong enough to tote this collectible...

A version of this column originally appeared at Code 3 Collectibles.


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