Fire and Emergency Action Figures

All approximately 8" tall*

figure-gearboxx2.jpg (39826 bytes)

1896 "Masked Hero" and 1850's Volunteer Firefighter

(Hot Toys)

french-ff.jpg (15139 bytes)

French Firefighter
(Blue Box)

GI Joe Navy Crash Crew

gi-joe-search.jpg (17392 bytes)

GI Joe Search and Rescue

figure-20thx3.jpg (59206 bytes)

Urban Firefighter, Brush Firefighter, Smoke Jumper
(20th Century)

"Top Jake"

Fire-Rescue Helicopter Pilot
(21st Century)

GI Joe Smoke Jumper

emt-figure.jpg (23960 bytes)

Emergency Medical Technician
(21st Century)

gi-joe-urban-search.jpg (15809 bytes)

GI Joe Deep Urban Search and Rescue

GI Joe Deep Water Rescue


xmas-village-figures.jpg (27597 bytes)

Christmas Village Figurines

Christmas Village Figurines #2

*except figurines and doggie

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