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Ladders  |  Towers, Tenders, and Telesquirts
This site contains photos of current and former models collected by myself. 

Pierce Quantum pumper with Snozzle,
Las Vegas
(Code 3/1:64)

Sutphen Tower, 
Orlando, FL, T-2 (Code 3/1:64)

American LaFrance Tower, 
Yonkers, NY (Code 3/1:64)

2001Chicago HME Snorkel Squad 1A
(Code 3/1:64)

American LaFrance Eagle,
Philadelphia, PA, S-57 (Code 3/1:32)

FWD Aerialscope,
FDNY, T-124 (Code 3/1:64)

1994 FWD / 1978 Mack Aerialscope,
Kentland, MD, T-33 (Code 3/1:64)

E-One Aerial Tower, Chicago O'Hare
(Code 3/1:64)

E-One Tower
(Franklin Mint/1:32)

E-One Tower, 
Boston, MA (Code 3/1:64)

Ladder Tender, Phoenix

Ford C Telesquirt, Gardner, IL

1982 GMC Snorkel

1920 Mack AC / Gorter Water Tower
(Matchbox Collectibles/1:60)



2003 Nikki Sky Arm
(Del Prado/1:72)

1995 Morita Snorkel
(Del Prado/1:64)


Isuzu Telesquirt

1970's Hino Snorkel

Hino Snorkel
(Tomica #68/1:110)

1970's Hino Snorkel
(Tomica Dandy/1:82)

1970's Hino Snorkel
(Eidai Grip/1:87)

1970's Isuzu Telesquirt

Rest of World

Mercedes / Bronto Sky-Lift

1977 Dennis Simon Snorkel
(Corgi Classics/1:36)

1930's Leyland Cub Ladder Tender
(Matchbox Collectibles/?)



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