1955 Reo Heavy Rescue

History: Reserve, R12, R10, R2 (at Sta 1)

Courtesy Raleigh News & Observer
Model Year 1955
Make/Model Reo
Serial number:  
VIN number: F221B513501
License plate: P-36403, P-38206
Shop number:  
Purchase price:  
Delivery date: November 3, 1954

Notes: Second unit of two-piece Raleigh Emergency Rescue Squad. Vehicle is obtained with the assistance of the federal government, with a requirement that it is considered as a piece of "stand-by equipment" that can be called to Norfolk, Virginia in the event of an "attack by enemy forces." Equipment carried on the 2 1/2-ton truck includes torches, power saws, gas masks, helmets, and first-aid equipment.

Revision: Newly discovered documents in 2013 revealed the model year as 1955. Previous citations include 1953 and 1954. Read blog post.


Courtesy Raleigh News & Observer

Robby Delius photo

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