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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Where can I find Del Prado "World Fire Engines?"

A: See this list of frequently asked questions.

Q: Where can I find the A. Smith Super Pumper System?

A: These are hand-built models from England, produced in very small runs, available as kits or assembled, and, at least in the United States, sold only by a handful of dealers.  The Super Pumper set, three models ranging in price from $850 to $1000, was produced some years ago.  A second "run" was done more recently.  I purchased mine through Hiram Construction, later known as Dave's Model Toys, and now know as DHS Die-Cast.

Q: Where can I find Conrad crash trucks?

A: The German company Conrad has produced precious few fire trucks over the years and maybe only a handful of airport rigs:  4x4 E-One Titan in lime, no lettering; 4x4 E-One Titan in red, 4x4 Rosenbauer Falcon in red, no lettering (same is actually a foam pumper); DeKalb County, GA; 6x6 Volvo in yellow, generic lettering; 8x8 Oshkosh-Rosenbauer Viper in lime green, no lettering; 8x8 Oshkosh-Rosenbauer Viper in yellow, no lettering.  The Volvo and Titans are easiest to find, the Falcon harder, and the Viper hardest of all.

Q: Where can I find Cursor crash trucks?

A: The German company Cursor has produced even fewer fire trucks than Conrad and, I believe, all of three large-scale airport crash trucks, all red with various lettering:  8x8 Rosenbauer Panther, 6x6 Rosenbauer Panther, 6x6 Rosenbauer Panther (newer, harsher angled style).  Cursor also produced a smaller, 1:87 scale version of the 8x8 Panther.  All are hard to find.

Q: Where can I find a Siku Metz/Faun crash truck?

A: The German company Siku produced two versions of a 1:60 scale, 8x8 Metz/Faun crash truck.  Same lettering, different tires:  earlier had rubber, later had plastic.  Read this story for more information.

Q: Do you have any tips for collectors?

A: See this page.

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