1971 Chevrolet T-50/Shop Service Truck

History: T15, T11

Jeff Harkey photo
Model year 1971
Make/Model Chevrolet/Shop
Serial number:  
VIN number: TE531P138618
License plate: 9338-P
Shop number:  
Purchase price: $5,829.21 (chassis)
Total cost:  
Purchase date:  

Notes: The shop-built body was designed by firefighter Harold Faison, who had experience as a welder and was assigned to Engine 2 on "A" platoon at Station 2, which adjoined the shop. He modeled the design on the department's two earlier service trucks, and did all the metal fabrication himself. At the time, he also the only welder at the shop. Upon completion, there was only room for a very small gas tank, around twelve gallons. With the engine's low MPG, the truck had to be refilled after just one long run, or two short ones. Source: Oral history, James Faison, brother of Harold.


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