Knightdale Fire Department (Municipal) History

Last updated: June 25, 2020

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First compiled in 2004, these research notes have been extensively updated in 2019 and 2020. They are still undergoing revisions.


From 1954 to 2002, the town of Knightdale (along with unincorporated areas outside the town) was protected by the Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department. Over the decades, the town provided various forms of support, including land for the first fire station, and purchasing and later twice-replacing a pumper for protection. Beginning in 1987, the town paid an annual contract fee for fire protection. Read timeline of KVFD.

In November 2001, a county-funded financial audit found widespread mismanagement over the past decade. In February 2002, town officials approved terminating their contract with KVFD, and announced plans to start their own fire department.

2002 to 2009

Fire department created as part of newly established Public Safety Department. The cost of the program totals about $450,000. The town also receives a $141,000 federal grant, that covers most of the cost of a new pumper. The begin answering calls on July 1.

The fire station located at town Public Works facility, 306 Robertson Street. Apparatus stored in two garage buildings. Modular home is added for living and sleeping quarters.

First apparatus consists of :

Initial staffing consists of:

The police officers along with some volunteers are initially trained as medical first responders, and receive fire suppression training over the next year. The Fire Division Commander (Fire Chief) is Tim Guffey.

Expenditures total about $450,000. Town also receives a $141,000 grant, that covers most of the cost of their new pumper. Department begins answering calls on July 1. (Spring-Summer 2002)no30jul02

2003 - Fire inspections started, using part-time firefighters to assist.

2004 - Apparatus delivery: 1975 Mack CF pumper, 1000/500, former City of Raleigh. Repainted black over red. Bought on October 4, 2004, for $1,700. (October 2004)

2006 - Public Safety Center opens at 979 Steeple Chase Court. Converted commercial building houses fire and police departments, and plus space for EMS units and crews. Houses Engine 131, Engine 132, Engine 133, Truck 138, and Car 130, plus Eastern Wake EMS 72 and EMS 73. Fire department occupies building on September 8.  The old station on Robertson Street is retained as an unstaffed satellite station and houses Engine 135 (1973 Ford/Pierce). Public works employees respond with and operate the engine at Station 2. (September 2006)

2006 - Staffing expansion. Three full-time firefighters added, one per shift. Total of three per shift.

2007 - Apparatus delivery: 2006 Pierce Contender pumper, 1250/750. Engine 134. Placed in service in February 2007. Housed at Station 1, with Engine 131 (2003 International/Pierce) moved to Station 2. (December 2006)

2008 - Apparatus delivery: 2008 Pierce Saber rescue pumper, 1500/750. Engine 132. Replaces 1986 GMC/E-One midi-pumper. Placed in service June 16, 2008. (May 2008)

2008 - Apparatus disposal: 1986 GMC/E-One midi-pumper.

2009 - Apparatus delivery: 1997 Pierce Quantum rear-mount aerial ladder, 1500/300/50/105-foot. Ladder 135. Former Ladder 8 in Madison, WI. Rehabbed in 2002. Bought from apparatus dealer in Alabama. Replaces 1973 Ford/Pierce telesquirt. Delivered via flatbed truck November 7, 2009. Placed in service November 25, 2009. (November 2009)

2009 - Apparatus disposal: 1973 Ford/Pierce telesquirt. Sold to used fire truck dealer in Wisconsin, who wanted to part it out, especially the foam system.


2010 - Staffing expansion. Three full-time firefighters added, one per shift. Total of four per shift.

2010 - Apparatus delivery: 2002 American LaFrance Eagle rear-mount aerial ladder, 95-foot with pump, formerly from Pennsylvania. Used for ten months while the 1997 Pierce receives maintenance and repairs. Served from August 2010 to June 2011 (August 2010).

2013 - Town and county discuss a merger with Eastern Wake Fire-Rescue. Discussions take place over several months, but no action is taken.

2012 - First Responder program adds EMT-level response.

2014 - Apparatus disposal. Engine 132 retired by July 2014.

2015 - Fire and police split into separate town departments.

2016 - Snapshot: Two stations, four engines, one ladder, and one utility truck, with 52 active members: 10 full-time and 42 limited service/volunteer. Annual call volume is 1,200.

2017 - Insurance Services Office rating improves from Class 5 to Class 3. (September 1, 2017)no18may17

2017 - Apparatus delivery: 2017 Spartan/Custom rescue pumper, 1250/750/25. New Engine 131. Placed in service February 1, 2018.  (December 29, 2017)

2019 - Fire Chief Tim Guffey retires, with seventeen years of service as Fire Chief. (July 31, 2019)

2019 - Loren Cone hired as Fire Chief. (September 2019)

2019 - Apparatus disposal: 2003 International/Pierce pumper/tanker sold at auction.(Fall 2019)

2019 - Apparatus disposal: 1997 Pierce aerial ladder, retired. (September 2019)


2020 - Eastern Wake Fire-Rescue merges with Town of Knightdale, after marking out of service at 0800 hours. Read blog post. (July 1, 2020)


Fire Chiefs

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