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Last updated: September 9, 2018


This site contains research notes on the history of New Hanover County fire departments, as compiled in August-September 2018. 

New Hanover County FD

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Maps, Graphics, and Documents


  • Adam Alberti apparatus photos, site
  • Google Earth, historical imagery
  • Jeremy King research [JKR]
  • Joan Stanland research [JSR]
  • Kevin Head patch collection
  • Lee Wilson photos, site
  • Maffitt Village History, site
  • Mike Legeros, former fire departments database, site
  • Mike Legeros, former fire stations database, site
  • New Hanover County Board of Commissioner Minutes [BoC], site
  • New Hanover County GIS, site
  • New Hanover County property records, site
  • New Hanover County Public Library, North Carolina Room, vertical files and other materials
  • New Hanover County Register of Deeds, Records Search, site
  • North Carolina Corporation Records, site
  • Oral Histories
  • Wilmington Morning Star and Star-News, assorted issues. Both physical copies and digital editions accessed via America's News, via North Carolina State Government and Heritage Library, site

Sources - Facebook

  • Hey Wilmington... Do You Remember? Things around here that are gone group, page
  • Legeros Fire Line posting, Locations of Former New Hanover County Volunteer Fire Stations, page
  • Legeros Fire Line posting, New Hanover County FD... The Origin Story?, page
  • Legeros Fire Line Facebook photo gallery, Old New Hanover VFDs, page
  • Old Wilmington, NC Pictures and Postcards group, page

Plus additional sources listed on individual pages.



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