Seagate Fire Department – Vintage Apparatus, Corporate Dissolution

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The Seagate (also spelled Sea Gate) Volunteer Fire Department in New Hanover County, outside Wilmington, was formed in 1940 to protect of the fishing community to help protect along Bradley Creek and Greenville Sound. The first apparatus was a 1931 automobile with three drums mounted on the back and a fan belt-powered pump. The first (?) fire station location was 122 Sebrell Avenue. The department moved in 1955 to 6012 Oleander Drive.

Vintage Apparatus

Lee Wilson photographed the department’s apparatus on March 1, 1992. See the original versions. Click to enlarge:

2017-07-16-sfd1a 2017-07-16-sfd2a 2017-07-16-sfd3a

Pictured left to right, top to bottom are:

  • Engine 791, 1970 Ford/Hahn
  • Engine 794, 1988 Ford/Boyer
  • Unit 761
  • Tanker 746, 1983 Ford, 3500 gallons
  • Engine 792, 1970 Ford/American LaFrance

Corporate Dissolution

The Seagate fire district was eventually impacted by city annexation. In 1985, over 55 percent of their district was consumed. In 2005, the remained was annexed and they ceased operation and dissolved the corporation. Here’s the plan they filed with the Secretary of State, with their articles of dissolution.

President: Thomas Eric White
Vice President: Tim Wilson
Secretary/Treasurer: Mike Garner
Directors: Thomas Eric White, Tim Wilson, Mike Garner, Shawn Schilling,Ron Twigg, Sidney Daniels

Dissolution of the corporation authorized on August 16, 2005. Effective upon filing on December 5, 2005.

Background Statement

The corporation was incorporated March 29, 1956 as a volunteer fire department in New Hanover County and has existed as such, providing fire protection for the residents of New Hanover County since that date. By the summer of 2005, the City of Wilmington had annexed substantially all of the area previously served by the department, providing fire protection services through its own fire department. At that time, the decision was taken by the directors, officers, and members of the corporation to terminate the corporate business and dissolve the corporation. In general terms, the plan so approved calls for the liquidation and disposal of the corporate assets and distribution of net cash proceeds therefrom to certain local churches which have been supportive of the department during its existence.


  1. Real Property. The real property is to be sold, with structures intact, to the City of Wilmington. To this end, the corporation has accepted an offer to purchase from the City of Wilmington at a price of $650,000.00. This purchase and sale is to be completed as quickly as possible, consistent with the needs of the parties. The fire department of the City of Wilmington will begin occupying and operating the real property as a fire station no later than October 1, 2005, and during the period necessary to complete the transfer of ownership. When the sale is completed, the net proceeds from the sale will be retained by the corporation for distribution in accordance with this Plan.
  2. Personal Property. All marketable apparatus and other vehicles owned by the corporation will be sold. Those apparatus or vehicles which lack significant value or marketability because of age or condition will be donated to other fire departments which are able to use them. Equipment associated with each apparatus will be offered with the apparatus, with any rejected items retained by the corporation for disposal by sale or donation, depending upon the nature and age of the equipment.
  3. Cash. All cash assets of the corporation, including the proceeds from the liquidation of corporate non-cash assets will be retained in the corporate treasury pending dissolution. After payment of all obligations of the corporation and costs of dissolution, the funds will be distributed.’
  4. Distribution. The corporation does not own any assets requiring transfer, return, or conveyance. Prior to distribution of cash assets all obligations or liabilities of the corporation shall be paid. When liabilities or obligations are satisfied and all costs and expenses of dissolution are paid the remaining cash assets will be distributed to the following religious organizations in the percentages indicated.

Sea Gate Baptist Church 30%
Oleander Methodist Church 30%
St. Andrews On the Sound Episcopal Church 10%
Windemere Presbyterian Church 10%
St. Matthew A.M.E. Church 10%
Pilgrims Rest Baptist Church 10%

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