Drone View of New Station 12

Been open a week. Left to right are exits for Ladder 8, Battalion 2, and Engine 12.

Car 20, the shift commander (Division Chief), exits through rear middle. 



Here’s a clip of the doors opening as the drone pulls away. Needs trucks rolling. Next time.

Plus, as posted earlier on Twitter and Facebook, here are those amazing doors in action:

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Fairview Station Closure – Update, August 17

Note: This page is a placeholder for current and future updates about the proposed concept of closing Fairview Fire Station 2.

August 17, 2018

Work Session Update

The Wake County Fire Commission held a work session last night. Though no voting was done, members reached a consensus decision to take the station closure proposal “off of the table.”

Also, Fairview FD made this annotated version of the Q&A document, originally included in the work session agenda pack.

August 12, 2018

Fire Commission Work Session on August 16

The Wake County Fire Commission will continue their discussion, and continue receiving information, about the proposed closure concept.

The work session meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. at the Wake County Emergency Services Education Center, 221 South Rogers Lane, Suit 160, Raleigh.

See meeting documents (PDF), from this blog post about the meeting.

Community Meeting on August 9

On Thursday, August 9, the Fairview Fire Department held a community meeting, to present information and answer questions about the proposed future closure of Fairview Station 2. 

The web site citizensforfairviewfd.org has posted both slides and audio from the meeting. They’ve been downloaded and copied here:

Note: Recommend paging through the slides, as Former Fairview Fire Chief Donald Pierce speaks. 


Proposed Concept 

The proposed concept of closing Fairview Station 2 in a future year, after opening a new Garner fire station, was publicly presented at the July 19, 2018, meeting of the Wake County Fire Commission.

Read a summary in this earlier blog post about that meeting, which includes copies of slides that were presented, a handout provided by a concerned citizen, and an audio recording of the meeting.


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Audio + Recap – Wake County Fire Commission Work Session – August 16

August 16, 2018

Here’s an audio recording of the work session, by Legeros. Using phone, in pocket. Apologies for quality.

Download audio. (MP3, 84 M)


  • Fire Services Director gave a presentation, with brief recap of background and extended, expanded information on several points.
  • Commission members conducted discussion.
  • Fairview Fire Department gave a ten-minute statement.
  • Garner Fire Department gave a ten-minute presentation.
  • Commission members conducted further discussion.
  • Though no voting was made, commission members expressed the consensus of opinion to take the proposed concept off the table.
  • Commission members expressed that the entire fire system instead be examined, to address service needs, areas of duplication, cost-savings opportunities, etc. 
  • Meeting adjourned.

August 12, 2018

The Wake County Fire Commission meets for a work session on Thursday, August 19, 2018, at the Wake County Emergency Services Training Center,  220 S. Rogers Lane, Suite 160. Meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

There’s one topic on the agenda, continued from the July 19 meeting: the proposed closure and district realignment of Fairview Station 2.

No vote is planned. Nor will public comments be received.

View Agenda Packet


  • Meeting Called to Order: Chair Chief McGee
    • Invocation
    • Pledge of allegiance
  • Insurance District Realignment and Station Closure Discussions
    • At the July 19, 2018 Fire commission meeting, the Director of Fire Services presented staff recommendations on the Ten-Ten Fire Insurance district realignment and closure of Fairview Rural Fire Department’s Station 2, at the completion of construction and opening of a new fire station located on Caddy Road. Public comment was presented and received by the Commission. Questions were generated for staff by Commission members and members were asked to provided Fire Services with additional questions, prior to continuation of discussions.
    • Action Requested: That the Commission receive information pertaining to the questions generated for staff
  • Meeting Adjournment
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Relocating Fire Station 12 – Project Timeline

August 15, 2018

Lee Wilson photo

How long did it take to build the building? Here’s what Legeros has in his notes:

  • 2018, August 13 – Station 12 placed in service.
  • 2017, February – Construction starts. (Might’ve started in January.)
  • 2016, summer/fall – Site preparation starts. Took longer than expected, due to a greater amount of rock than expected.
  • 2016, June 16 – City Council awarded construction bid, $5.2M. The builder is Pro Construction, and the bid amount is $5,272,500.
  • 2014, July – Trees cleared from site 
  • 2014, July 1 – Approved CIP budget includes $3.7M for project.
  • 2013, July 1 – Approved CIP budget includes $1.5M for project.
  • 2013, Feb 5 – City Council approved design plan, for contract not to exceed $450,000 for Station 12.
  • 2012, Dec 4 – City Council approved designer for Station 12, Station 14, and site evaluations for other fire stations. The architect is Stewart-Cooper-Newell.
  • 2012, July 1 – Approved CIP budget includes $75,000 for preliminary design work.
  • 2008, Dec 19 – Lots purchased at 4306 Poole Road, 803 Office Way, and 807 Office Way. Parcels are later combined for current address of 807 Bus Way.
  • 2008, Dec 2 – City Council approved purchasing land.

When was the project first planned by the fire department? TBD!

August 14, 2018

Construction  Montage

Here’s a montage of construction photos. Even includes a bit of snow! The new quarters for Engine 12, Ladder 8, Battalion 2, and Car 20 were activated yesterday, August 13. Pictures from moving/opening day are coming next. 

Click to enlarge or see more construction photos.


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Raleigh Fire Facility Updates – Summer 2018

July 28, 2018
Summer update on Raleigh Fire Department facility plans. Station 12 is almost ready. Station 14 has started site preparation. Station 6 has resumed work. More renovations are coming. Station 30 is now Station 13. And more. 


Click to enlarge:


Facility Project Type Project Location Project Notes
Sta 1 Replace TBD Programming complete. Site selection still underway, in area of Convention Center. Funding for multi-year project started in FY18. Renovation or rebuild on current site feasibility study.   
Sta 3 Replace 900 block Rock Quarry Road Land acquired, former state property, department of corrections. Funding to be requested in FY20.   
Sta 6 Rebuild 2601 Fairview Road Site preparation completed. Structural work started in mid-July. Footers being poured. Expected completion spring 2019. See photos.
Sta 10 Renovate 2711 Sanderford Road RFQ (request for qualifications) to be released for design services in August 2018.
Sta 11 Renovate/
2925 Glenridge Road Design complete. Ladder 2 relocates to Sta 15 in Aug/Sep, upon receiving new apparatus. Engine 11 to relocate to Sta 7 and construction to begin in fall 2018. 
Sta 12 Relocate 807 Bus Way Construction complete. Expected to start operation in second week of August. See photos.
Sta 13 New 1514 Ronald Drive Land acquired. Construction funds to be requested in FY20.   
Sta 14 Relocate 3510 Harden Road Site work started in July. Expected completion in summer/fall 2019. See photos.
Sta 15 Renovate 1815 Spring Forest Road Sprinkler system added in 2017. Design ongoing and bid to correspond with completion of Station 11 renovation/expansion project.
Sta 22 Relocate 10050 Durant Road Relocating Engine 22 to temp facility at Falls of Neuse water plant by November 2018. Ladder 5 to relocate to Sta 25. Design process underway for new station.
Sta 23 Relocate Pinecrest & Westgate area Land acquisition funding to be requested in future budget year. Lease renewed for five additional years with Durham Highway FD. 

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Garner Fire Administration Moves

The Garner Fire Department has relocated their administrative offices. They moved into new space this month at 914 7th Avenue, a town building that previously served as a temporary town hall, while the new one was being built.

Their new HQ as built in 1997 and has 18,072 square-feet, say tax records. Previously a commercial property, used for medical offices and a bank. They relocated from 120 E. Main Street, a location they occupied since February 2016. (See prior blog posting.) They moved into the new location on July 1.

The new and significantly larger space (approximately 10,000 feet, upgraded from less than 2,000 square feet) allows the department to house all of their administrative staff, logistical supplies, uniforms, physical files, and fire prevention supplies under one roof.

They’ve also added a secondary training room, so administrative needs don’t compete with operational training programs. And they now have space dedicated for plans for review, for both town and county technical review processes. 

Housed at and using the space are the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Battalion Shift, Executive Assistant, the part-time Administrative Assistant, and any light-duty personnel. 

Props to Chiefs Poole, Herman, Lindsey; Captain Smith, and Aerial Smith for their work on the project. They were all involved in creating and designing the space. 

The new location also adds another component to the town campus concept. The Town Hall, the Wake County library, Garner Police, and Garner Fire are all within walking distance from each other.

Click to enlarge these photos, from Google Maps and Garner Fire-Rescue:

2018-07-28-gfd1 2018-07-28-gfd2 2018-07-28-gfd3 2018-07-28-gfd4 2018-07-28-gfd5 2018-07-28-gfd6 2018-07-28-gfd7

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Relocating Fire Station 14 – Site Work Started

July 25, 2018
Site work started this month. Crews have been digging a retention pond, among other activities. See more photos.


January 17, 2017

Construction Bid Awarded

At yesterday’s City Council meeting, the agenda included awarding the construction bid for Fire Station 14.  Bid amount $6,845,670. Award to Pro Construction, Inc. Work to start within 60 days. The details of the consent agenda item are below. Seems a safe presumption that it was approved.

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Recap, Slides, Audio – Fairview Station Closure – Wake County Fire Commission Meeting – July 19, 2018

Edit history: Updated text references and file name of handout in the linked materials. They were provided by a concerned citizen, and not by the Fairview FD as originally noted. (July 21)

July 20, 2018
Audio recording (by Legeros) plus presentation slides (Wake County, Garner FD) and handouts (Wake County, concerned citizen) are available here.

Last night’s fire commission meeting consisted largely of presentations, public comments, and discussion about a single agenda item: a proposed concept of closing Fairview Station 2 and realigning their insurance district for a new Garner fire station. 

There were some 75 people attending, an unusually large crowd. Plus three television cameras. Google for news stories. 


The (Somewhat) Short Version

Here’s a summary of that proposal:

The Garner town limits on the west/southwest side of town extend to the intersection of Ten Ten Road and Highway 401. Though it’s a small area, the town’s extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) is much larger, and covers a larger area north of Ten Ren Road, and east of Lake Wheeler Road. Here’s a map, from 2017. 

The town and the Garner Fire Department (currently a private entity) have been planning for / projecting the need for a fire station in that area since 2010. The town expanded their ETJ, as noted above, into that area in 2016/2017.

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History of Wake County Fire Protection and Fire Governance

What’s the history of fire protection in Wake County, as well as the governance of that fire protection? Have been thinking about that this week, in advance of tonight’s Wake County Fire Commission meeting. 

Here’s a research document (PDF) with those details. Created in 2016.

Looking through the fresh eyes, there are a couple things that need attention. Such as showing the size of the Fire Marshal’s Office / Fire Services Department over time. Say, number of authorized positions for each fiscal year. Also worth adding the specific year that county-contracted fire departments were required to submit itemized budgets. That was in the… 2000s? 

Historical High Points

  • 1953 – First “rural” FD created
  • 1954 – First full-time county Civil Defense director hired. Role becomes EM director, and assumes role of county fire marshal.
  • 1955 – Wake County Firemen’s Association former.
  • 1956, by this year – County rural FD program created.
  • 1958 – County-wide, two-way radio network created for FDs.
  • 1963 – Wake County Fire Chief’s Council created.
  • 1972 – County FD dispatching transferred from Raleigh to new city/county 911 center.
  • 1978, by this time – Wake County Fire Districts Commission is operating.
  • 1985 – County fire training center completed in New Hill.
  • 1986 – First full-time county Fire Marshal hired.
  • 1988 – First countywide training program begins.
  • 1994 – TriData study of county fire protection received, includes recommendation for creating a fire advisory board.
  • 1998 – Wake County Fire Commission created, as advisory board to County Commissioners.
  • 1999 – Individual fire tax districts consolidated into single countywide district.
  • 2002 – County ownership of FD facilities introduced, with FVFD Station 3 opened.
  • 2003 – TriData study of county fire/EMS facilities and equipment receives, includes recommendation for closing a number of county stations.
  • 2005 – County ownership of FD apparatus introduced, along with bulk purchasing.
  • 2008 – First (and to date, only) fire station closure, Western Wake Station 2.
  • 2009 – First county fire recruit class graduates.
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