Raleigh Fire Department History – Charts and Data

Updated on February 24, 2023, with additional charts showing fire station growth. Updated on January 11, 2023, with additional charts: extra-alarm fires and recruit graduating class sizes.  Random data play about the Raleigh Fire Department. These charts originally appeared as postings on Legeros Fire Line on Facebook. They were created using Excel. Growth Trends – Number …

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Charlotte Airport Fire History

Let’s build a history of airport fire protection in Charlotte.  Update, February 24, 2023. Migrated to PDF format.  See this document: https://legeros.com/history/charlotte/charlotte-airport-fire-history.pdf  See also this fleet roster: https://legeros.com/history/fleets/charlotte-airport.pdf See also this infographic on early NCANG ARFF rigs: https://legeros.com/history/charts/content/ncang-crash-trucks.pdf 

Aerialscopes of North Carolina

Flash montage. Aerialscopes of North Carolina.  Details below. Avery County 1976 Mack CF/Baker – 0/0/75′ – Ex-???? – Lee Wilson photo Boone 1987 Mack/Baker – 0/0/85′ – Ex-demo unit? – Lee Wilson photo Civietown (Brunswick) 1971 Mack/Baker + 1991 H&W refurb – 0/0/75′ – Ex-King County, WA – Micah Bodford photo Cleveland (Rowan) 1978 Mack/Banker, …

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Snorkels in North Carolina

Last updated February 6, 2023 – Content converted from web page to PDF document. This is a re-posting of a Legeros Blog Archives posting from December 21, 2013, that’s no longer available on the old site, due to technical problems.   Presenting a master list of all articulating platforms, including snorkels, that have served in North …

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Oren Fire Apparatus in North Carolina

Let’s start a list of Oren apparatus that served in North Carolina. Pictured rigs marked with (*): *Burlington – 1940 Diamond T/Oren – #RW&E-1363 – Legeros photo *Cape Fear Rural (Lee) – 1953 Ford/Oren – Engine 51 – Lee Wilson photo *Charlotte – 1953 Ford Big Job/Oren, 500/1000 – Engine 10 at Morris Field, high-pressure unit …

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Raleigh Fire Department Recruit Academy 48 Graduation

The Raleigh Fire Department’s largest recruit class ever graduated last night, on Wednesday, December 29, 2022. The ceremony was conducted at the Raleigh Convention Center, with retiring Division Chief of Professional Development David Whitley giving the keynote address. Three awards were given out, recognizing Joseph Harris as Valedictorian, Chase Johnson as Lt. Herman “Greg” Ellis, …

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