Custom Wrapped and Custom Caged Crash Truck

From a reader (thanks Paul!) comes this stunning creation for sale on Craigslist in San Francisco: 1992 Amertek CF4000L ARFF crash truck with custom all-American body wrap decals (with powder-coated wheels), and a custom external roll cage. Whoa, wow, and holy cow!

Specs are listed below. $50,000 and its yours. Seller also entertaining trades, for “Hummer H1, Mercedes G500/550, armored vehicles or a small family limousine.” Click to enlarge:


2017-01-15-cl3a 2017-01-15-cl3a

From the seller’s listing:

1992 AMERTEK CF4000L ARFF Diesel 4X4 unique Off Road Fire Truck 

Amertek Chassis
Very unique Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting truck
Less than 9K miles
Detroit 6V92TA 400 HP Diesel Engine
Allison Automatic Transmission 
Hale Pump
4 Wheel Drive
Seats 4 (2 SCBA Seats)
1000 Gallon Fiberglass Water Tank 
150 Gallon Foam Tank 
2 Hose Reels (Water and Foam)
2 water cannons (Roof and front bumper mounted)
Custom rear water sprayer
110V Power inverter
Custom external roll cage
Custom exhaust
Custom all American body wrap with powder-coated wheels
CA registered and street legal 

Length: 28′ 1″ 
Height: 9′ 3″ 
Width: 9′ 6″ 
GVWR: 34,650 #
Wheelbase: 102″

See the listing.

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The Drone Iceberg

Was thinking about this last week. There’s lots that goes into a WOW drone photo[1]. It’s an iceberg, of sorts. With many things that you don’t easily or ever see. 

Just a rough sketch. The stuff under the water could be re-ordered. Or expanded. But you get the idea. Click to enlarge:


[1] Or at least those cool shots that I’ve taken, or attempted to take.



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Run Numbers for Raleigh, 2017

Here are the run numbers for the Raleigh Fire Department for 2017.

Total calls: 42,207
Total runs: 59,334

Busiest engines:

  • E3 – 2,695
  • E12 – 2,542
  • E11 – 2,535
  • E15 – 2,429
  • E19 – 2,414

Busiest ladders:

  • L4 – 2,216
  • L2 – 2,080
  • L3 – 1,074

Busiest battalion chief:

  • Bat 5 – 821

Run Numbers Continue reading ‘Run Numbers for Raleigh, 2017’ »

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Second Striker Delivered at Airport

Whoops, this planned posting didn’t get posted during Christmas week!

Raleigh-Durham International Airport has received their second Striker!

This 2017 Oshkosh Global Striker 6×6, 1250/3000/420/450# was delivered on Sunday, December 14, 2017. Click to enlarge:


 2018-01-03-rdu1a  2018-01-03-rdu2a

Pictures are screen grabs from this nifty short video from RDU, featuring Captain Will Patterson:

Specifications include:

  • Oshkosh Global Striker 6×6
  • Water: 3000 gallons
  • Foam: 420 gallons, 3% AFFF
  • Dry Chemical: 450 pounds of Purple K (Nitrogen Propellant)
  • Bumper/Primary Turret: 1250 GPM (high flow)/ 625 GPM (low flow), dry chemical capable, low attack capable
  • Roof/Secondary Turret: 1250 GPM (high flow)/ 625 GPM (low flow)
  • Engine:  Deutz TCD 16.0L V8, 670 HP, 1950 ft. lbs. of torque at 1400 RPM, US Tier 3
  • Transmission: Allison Gen 4 Model 4800 EVS automatic
  • Suspension: Oshkosh TAK-4 independent system

Read complete specs (PDF).

Current Crash Trucks

The new truck will join a 2016 Oshkosh Striker, 3000/420/450#/460# with 50-foot snozzle, that was delivered in April 2016, and placed in service in September. Read blog post.

Mike Legeros photo

The new CFR 3 will replace a 2000 Oshkosh TI-1500, 1500/210/450#. That truck was one of three white 2000 Oshkosh TI crash trucks delivered that year, a TI-3000 and two TI-1500s. CFR 4 was replaced last year with the 2016 Striker and subsequently sold.

Mike Legeros photo

The two Strikers are the airport’s first new yellow trucks since the 1990s. Read more about the airport’s fleet of fire apparatus, past ‘n’ present

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Charlotte Fire Chief Recruitment Brochure

As featured in this WNCN story, this five-page brochure was produced for the recruitment of a new Charlotte Fire Chief. 

It was produced by recruiter Ralph Andersen and Associates and lists the many qualifications needed for the position: executive fire command experience, a bachelor’s degree, certifications, etc.

Former Fire Chief Jon Hannan retired in August. Currently at the helm is Interim Fire Chief Pete Key. The first review of received resumes is February 12.

View the PDF (936K).



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Rebuilding Fire Station 6 – Update December 2017

This is an ongoing blog posting about the rebuilding of Fire Station 6.


  • 12/28/17 – Site Preparation
  • 08/12/17 – Now Gone
  • 08/02/17 – Demolition started
  • 07/17/17 – Demolition starting soon
  • 05/30/17 – Now closed
  • 05/27/17 – Moving day is nigh!
  • 04/20/17 – Construction bid awarded, other updates
  • 03/11/16 – Comparing current and future station
  • 03/10/16 – 3D renderings
  • 03/04/16 – Another public meeting scheduled
  • 10/07/15 – Public meeting recap
  • 10/07/15 – Historical correction 

December 28, 2017

Site Preparation

Site work is underway. Recent work included a sand filter installed in November, under where the parking lot will be located. Will help with storm water run-off. Work was delayed for a number of weeks, after the excavation of two underground fuel tanks, and the resulting soil testing. See more photos on Mike’s new SmugMug site.


August 12, 2017

Now Gone

The building has been removed. Remaining materials to be removed, along with the foundation and other ground features. Next is site preparation. See photos and watch videos


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Relocating Fire Station 14 – December Update

December 28, 2017
After several months of unexpected project delays, the site was cleared in November. Groundbreaking is expected in January.

See more photos on Mike’s new SmugMug site.


November 9, 2016
On Monday, November 7, another public meeting was held, to present the current plans for and receive feedback on the new Fire Station 14.

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Construction Underway on New Fire Station 12 – December Update

December 28, 2017
Construction is moving right along. Completion expected in March. 
See more photos on the Mike’s new SmugMug site.



March 4, 2017
After a couple months of site preparation, construction has started on new Fire Station 12. Watch this space for more updates, and more photos over the coming weeks and months.

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Solved! – Mystery Rig – Squad 1

Morning After
This was solved within about twenty minutes on the Facebook side. Ex-Durham FD, former Rescue 1, later renamed Squad 1. Picture from the late 1990s or early 2000s, by Legeros:


Night Before
From a reader, this former “Squad 1” was seen in Garner, near the Quarry. Looks like a 1990s International. 

Someone will surely ID the thing, but will be a blog reader or Facebook follower? The race is on!

Thanks Kena! Click to enlarge:


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