Knightdale Fire Calls – 1956 to 1959

During their first three months of 1956, the Knightdale Volunteer Fire Department responded over 100 fire calls. They were in their third year of operation. The calls are listed below, transcribed from the original log book. 

03/11/56 – Two farm storage barns
03/14/56 – Car burning in yard
03/15/56 – Seven-room dwelling (out on arrival)
03/19/56 – Mutual aid with Wake Forest, structure fire, Scandia Village, Highway 1 six miles north of Raleigh, provided water supply from pond
03/23/56 – Mattress fire in farm dwelling
03/30/56 – Tobacco barn
05/30/56 – Woods fire (used “back pumps”)
06/11/56 – Mutual aid to Millbrook, false alarm
06/22/56 – Tenant house
06/26/56 – Tenant house
08/10/56 – Tobacco barn
08/19/56 – Tobacco barn
08/19/56 – Tobacco barn
08/27/56 – Frying pan and grease on fire
08/28/56 – Tobacco barn
08/31/56 – Allen’s Store, general store building, started by electrical fuse box (half-hour on scene)
09/04/56 – Tobacco barn and shelter
09/05/56 – Tobacco barn (four miles NW of town)
09/08/56 – Tobacco barn (Wilder’s Grove)
09/10/56 – Tobacco barn (Wilder’s Grove)
09/11/56 – Tobacco barn (Poole Road)
09/16/56 – Woods fire
09/27/56 – Dwelling house (seven miles S of town, started by electric motor)
11/25/56 – Tenant house (seven miles S of town)
11/27/56 – Car fire
11/27/56 – Woods fire
12/03/56 – Grass fire near houses
01/24/57 – Grass fire near house
04/29/57 – Electric hot water heater (out on arrival)
05/09/57 – Woods fire
05/24/57 – Structure fire, saw mill (“out of control and almost to destroy sawmill”, 400 gallons of water on GMC used, and about half of the 1,200 gallons on the International)
07/14/57 – Tobacco barn (six miles W of town at Lee’s Store[?], fire resulted from explosion of “oil covers”, flames coming out of roof on arrival, 500 sticks [??] of tobacco lost)
07/14/57 – Wheat field
07/21/57 – Tobacco barn (Auburn Road)
07/??/57 – Tobacco barn (Poole Road)
08/??/57 – Tobacco barn (six miles NW of town by Allen’s Store)
08/??/57 – Tobacco barn (seven miles NW of town)
09/11/57 – Tobacco barn (seven miles SW of town)
10/21/57 – Tobacco barn (six miles NE of town)
10/26/57 – Tenant house
11/16/57 – House fire in Raleigh (Rose Lane) (extinguished before arrival)
11/23/57 – Truck load of cotton (Louisburg Road)
12/07/57 – Tobacco sticks at farm
12/16/57 – Tenant house (Shotwell)
12/23/57 – Farm barn
01/05/58 – Farm barn
01/21/58 – Dwelling house (seven miles S of town, Clayton Road)
02/14/58 – Dwelling
02/17/58 – Dwelling (chimney)
02/20/58 – Grass fire
02/20/58 – Barbecue stand (Strickland’s Barbecue, out on arrival)
02/26/58 – Dwelling house (reported as cotton gin on fire, KVFD couldn’t locate same. Later learned that operator had misunderstood caller. Was across field from cotton gin. Floor furnace had exploded and was burning under house)
03/08/58 – Trash fire (New Hope Road)
04/17/58 – Stove in house
07/25/58 – Tobacco barn (Clayton Road)
07/26/58 – Tobacco barn (Faison Road)
07/28/58 – Tobacco barn (Faison Road, same as two days earlier, out on arrival)
08/02/58 – Tobacco barn
08/02/58 – Tobacco barn (same location, rekindle)
08/15/58 – Tenant house
08/16/58 – Tobacco barn
08/18/58 – Tobacco barn
08/24/58 – Tobacco barn
09/20/58 – Tenant house, two-room (alarm received from Raleigh by “radio-siren”)
09/24/58 – Pack [?] barn
10/31/58 – Grass fire near house
11/16/58 – Tenant house (eight miles NE of town)
12/12/58 – Frame dwelling (eight miles SW on Poole Road)
12/30/30 – Frame dwelling (nine miles SW on Poole Road)
01/04/59 – Frame dwelling (burned)
01/04/59 – Frame dwelling (burned)
01/05/59 – Frame dwelling (saved)
01/21/59 – Frame dwelling (saved)
01/21/59 – Shavings pile (Pair Lumber Company in high wind)
01/22/59 – Garage (Knightdale Repair Service)
01/25/59 – Grass fire
01/26/59 – Grass fire
01/27/59 – Tenant house
01/29/59 – Dwelling
02/15/59 – Tenant house
02/17/59 – Woods fire
02/21/59 – Grass fire in field
02/23/59 – Car fire
03/08/59 – Structure fire, Massey’s Grocery, two-story, brick
03/12/59 – Brush fire
03/23/59 – Tobacco “strip house”
06/01/59 – Frame dwelling (near town limits, with two trucks from New Hope as mutual aid)
06/10/59 – Frame dwelling
06/12/59 – Stove or store (but with two hours recorded of service time, probably “store”)
06/15/59 – Combine + wheat field
06/23/59 – Tenant dwelling (near Broadwell’s Store)
07/30/59 – Tar bucket (Morganton Roofing Company)
08/06/59 – Tobacco barn
08/06/59 – Tobacco barn
08/07/59 – Tobacco barn (burned again on 11/04/59)
08/15/59 – Frame dwelling
10/02/59 – Frame dwelling
10/05/59 – Garbage can
[ missing one or more entries, photocopier operator error ]
10/29/59 – Tobacco “strip room”
11/20/59 – Frame dwelling
12/03/59 – Brush fire
12/11/59 – Dwelling

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Two Alarms on Suntree Court – Plus Audio

Two alarms were struck on Saturday afternoon, June 13, 2020, in Brier Creek at 10705 Suntree Court. Two-story, brick-exterior, single-family dwelling with full basement, with 5,699 square-feet. Built 2001, say tax records. Alarm time 3:25 p.m.

Working fire assignment dispatched while units were en route, due to heavy column of smoke visible from Arnold Palmer Drive, reported by first-due Engine 24.

Listen to audio, recorded from See Google drive folder:

Engine 24 arrived with heavy fire venting from a window above the garage. They also laid their own supply line, with Engine 23 completing the hook-up and boosting. Interior attack with two hand lines. Battalion 4 assumed command on arrival. His report of conditions: heavy fire above the garage in A/B corner of building.

Interior crews encountered high heat and were backed out “to the stairwell,” for a period of exterior attack using a two-inch line. At the same time, the fire vented through roof.

Second alarm requested about 3:50 p.m. Staging was located on Winged Thistle Court. First-alarm companies were sent to rehab, with second-alarm companies rotated in. Controlled at 4:30 p.m. Cause determined as accidental. Five people displaced. No injuries.

First alarm: E24, E23, E29, E17, L6, L9, R1, B4, B3
Working fire: A2, C20, C402
Added: E4 as replacement for E29, out of service mechanical, while responding
Second alarm: E16, E22, L3, L1, Sq14
Added: E18
Added: B5
Plus EMS

Mike Legeros photos

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Raleigh Fire Department Opens New Training Annex

On May 11, 2020, the City of Raleigh Fire Department opened a training annex at Fire Station 26 on Barwell Road. They’ve occupied the former emergency communications training center and back-up facility, which was a separate section of the fire station building. Station 26 opened in June 2003. The Raleigh/Wake Emergency Communications Center vacated the space in the fall of 2016.

The fire department’s Training Division has relocated the offices and storage areas for the EMS and Haz-Mat programs, which were previously housed in the classroom building at the Keeter Training Center on Keeter Center Drive in South Raleigh.

The new space is larger– 4,062 square-feet, from tax records–and adds a meeting room, more office space, and improved storage areas for the programs, notably the EMS equipment and supplies that are used by firefighters on emergency medical calls. One vehicle will also be parked there, for EMS logistics.


By moving these programs to a second location, space has been made available at the training center to accommodate future full-time instructions. That need was recently identified in a fire department staffing study, and the proposed budget for FY21 recommends the creation of two positions, to serve as full-time recruit academy and continuing education instructors.

Though their program offices have been relocated, all EMS and haz-mat training will continue to take place at the Keeter Training Center.

See photos below by Mike Legeros (exterior) and courtesy Raleigh Fire Department (interior).

Fun Fact #1 – This isn’t the first training annex. Old Station 4 on Wake Forest Road served as additional training space, as well as city office space, from 1993 to 1997. Among other functions, it housed the office of the haz-mat program manager, Captain S. T. Eudy.

Fun Fact #2 – Long before there was a formal training division, then-named Memorial Auditorium served as a training facility. It housed both a basement fire station and a rear training tower. That is, the rear of the 1932 building was designed to function as a drill tower. It served as a training location until a dedicated drill tower was erected in 1954, at the current location of the Keeter Training Center.

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Vintage Durham City Tanker

Found another old-new photo of a vintage Durham tanker, this one the first “city tanker” on the roster. 1986 GMC Sierra/EEI, 450/1250. Shop #64204. Later served Turbeville, VA. Scanned from film print by Jonathan Umbdenstock, from his archives. Original photographer TBD. 

See prior posting about county tanker that also served at Station 1.

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Oak Grove Fire Department of Guilford County

This content was first posted on Facebook. See that posting for reader comments.

How about some Guilford County fire history? Presenting the Oak Grove Fire Department, that operated from 1944 to 1957.

They were organized in 1944, and were the first “rural” FD in the county, pre-dating Guilford College FD (1946). However, OGFD was organized after Bessemer FD (1942), which was a suburban department, I guess we’d say.

From this Greensboro Daily News story on December 9, 1946, they completed their fire station in 1946, a cinder-block building on Clements (Clemmons) Street, just off South Elm, and “behind the Carter Fabrics plant.”[1]

(Article continued at bottom of this posting.)

Continue reading ‘Oak Grove Fire Department of Guilford County’ »

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New Greensboro Stations

Note: This content was first posted on Facebook. See that posting for extensive reader comments. 

Greensboro is erecting two new fire stations. Above are street-side drawings of new Station 56 (top) and new Station 7 (below). See more plus floor plan and site drawings at

Station 7 on Gatewood Avenue is getting an $8M replacement, with a two-story, five-bay [!] facility that will also share space with Guilford County EMS. The 1958 structure was closed last week, and will be demolished beginning in June. Engine 7 made their last run there on Wednesday, May 20.  See photos from inside the now-closed station. 

Temporary quarters for Engine 7 opened on May 21, at 715 Elwell Avenue, while Ladder 7 has been relocated to Station 63 at 4306 Burlington Road, for the duration of the project.

Mike Legeros photo

And, yes, that’s five count ’em five bay doors in the front of new Station 7. Two are double-deep, and three are single-vehicle bays, one for a Battalion Chief and two for ambulances. See drawings at

Or see more pics of the temp station.

The original Station 7 opened in 1924 at Church Street and Bessemer Avenue. It was closed in 1957 and became the home of the local Civil Defense office. New Station 7 opened in 1958, and cost a whopping… $80,000.

Mike Legeros photo

Station 56 on Franklin Boulevard is also being replaced. Temporary quarters are being erected behind the station, which will utilize an existing house and second vehicle storage building.

Once completed, the current station will be demolished and replaced with a new, two-bay building.

The fire station was built in 1960 for the Fire District 14 Fire Department. They merged with Greensboro 2005, with career members, equipment, and the station transferred to the city.

Big thanks to our friends in Greensboro for sharing. See more plus floor plan and site drawings at

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Vintage Durham County Tanker

Here’s another vintage image. Rare photo from Jonathan Umbdenstock of Durham County’s original tanker, a 1966 International with a body built in Raleigh. Odds favor either Alexander Welding or Atlas Steel. Scanned from film print.

Had a capacity of 1,200 gallons with a gas-powered pump in the rear, at least at the time of delivery. Housed at Station 1, and operated in conjunction with the “county engine.” Was disposed to Bahama FD around/after April 1, 1985.

And wasn’t the only tanker on the Durham FD roster. They soon acquired a 1986 GMC/EEI 250/1250. See this later posting about that truck.

Or see this posting on Facebook about the other Durham County trucks. 

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