Oak View Fire Department History

Research notes on the history of the Oak View Fire Department in Guilford County, which protected the Oakview community just outside the old city limits of High Point. They were chartered in 1952, started operating in 1955/56, and merged with the city on January 1, 1960. 

Newspaper Citations

See some of these articles in this Google Drive folder.

1952 to 1954

  • 1952, May 01 – HPE story about plans for organizing fire protection for the Oakview Community.
  • 1952, May 30 – N&O story about new corporations and certification of incorporation filed yesterday for Oakview Fire Protective Association, Inc.

1955 to 1959

  • 1955, Aug 01 – GR story about county (?) board approving $5,000 loan, for fire truck purchase.
  • 1956, Jan 07 – GR story about OVFD fighting a woods fire.
  • 1956, Mar 25 – HPE story about OVFD. It’s been partially operational for several months, though it has been chartered for years. By April 1, some 50 volunteers will have completed training. The organization has 292 “members” or property owners paying subscription fees. They hope membership will eventually include all of the 1500 homes in the area. They have a 1956 Ford/Oren pumper that cost about $10,000. It’s housed at a service station on Old Winston Road, but a station will be erected near Oak View School, on land donated by the Oak View Lions Club. The Fire Chief hasn’t been named, but four captains have been named.
  • 1956, Nov 06 – GDN story noting Jodson Ruth is Chief of OVFD and also president of the county fire association.
  • 1956, Nov 25 – GDN story about OVFD participating in a parade.
  • 1956, Dec 19 – GDN story about OVFD using its pumper to provide pressure to a hospital water system, that was stricken with water problems.
  • 1956? 1957? – Fire station erected at 513 Oakview Road. One-story structure with two bays and 1,900 square-feet.
  • 1958, Sep 28 – GDN story about OVFD fighting a house fire.
  • 1959, Feb 10 – GDN story about OVFD Fire Chief E. J. Ruth elected president of the Guilford County Fire Protective Association.
  • 1959, Jun 13 – GDN story about upcoming annexation and impact on rural departments: 10-A FD, Guil-Rand FD, and Oak View FD.
  • 1959, May 22 – GDN story about OVFD fighting a house fire.
  • 1959, Aug 30 – GDN story about recommended city payment of $25,000 for purchase of OVFD station.
  • 1959, Oct 09 – GDN story about HPFD budget request that includes purchase of OVFD station.
  • 1959, Dec 16 – GDN story about City Council approving payment of $25,000 for purchase of OVFD station and equipment. Includes the land, the building, a pumper, a 1,600-gallon tanker, and “some equipment.”  

1960 to 1964

  • 1960, Jan 01 – City limits expand by 19.6 square miles and adding some 16,000 people. Annexed areas include OVFD response area, as well as “rural districts” covered by 10-A, Deep Gap, and Guil-Rand fire departments. City enters fire protection agreements with the three FDs, for contracted fire protection until city can take over response areas. 
  • 1960, Jan 01 – GDN story about HPFD personnel officially taking over OVFD.
  • 1960, Jan 06 – GDN story about architect hired to enlarge the old OVFD station, recently purchased by the city, along with trucks and equipment. An additional 2,900 square-feet will be added to the 1,600 square-foot building, adding a dormitory room, locker and bath, kitchen-dining area, class room, captain’s office, watch desk, storage, and boiler room.
  • 1960, Feb 03 – HPE story about two newly promoted captains named for HPFD Station 5. The station is manned by five privates and two captains, and needs three more “to make it a full engine company.” 
  • 1960, Sep 07 – HPE story about city terminating fire protection contracts at end of month with 10-A FD and Deep River FD. Also, city has recently acquired a 1,500 gallon tanker. Also, city has two tankers, on at “city hall station” and second, 1,500 gallon tanker at Oak View station [Station 5]. Prior contracts with Guil-Rand FD and 10-A FD expired on June 30.
  • 1961, Mar 02 – HPE listing of real estate transfers, noting Oakview Fire Protective Association Inc. to the City of High Point, for the Oakview Road lot.
  • 1963, Jun 14 – Articles of incorporation filed for Oakview Community Service Corporation, the purpose of which includes managing “all assets formerly belonging to the Oakview Fire Protective Association, Inc.” The incorporators include former OVFD Fire Chief E. Judson Ruth.
  • 1964, Jun 14 – HPE story about the Oakview Community Service Corporation, which was formerly the “fire organization,” setting up scholarships for “outstanding students” of the community, using the earnings from monies received when the OVFD station and equipment was sold to the city.

Other Information

This photo from 1965 appeared in a collection of historical articles and photos compiled by High Point Fire Department Ken Norman circa 2005, via High Point Museum.


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