1944 (?) Dodge Squad Truck


 Courtesy of Raleigh Fire Department

Notes: Half-ton truck equipped with booster pump, booster reel, water tank, ladder rack, and suction hose, among other equipment.


Accident occurs about 9:30 a.m., while responding to an automobile fire on North Dawson Street. The apparatus is headed north, and the empty bus is travelling east. The apparatus travels 49 feet before stopping; the bus stops 107 feet from the point of impact. The two firefighters are both ejected. Fireman Roy R. High, who is driving and is thrown 70 feet, sustains injuries, including a broken left arm, broken left ribs, broken chest bone, fractured left shoulder, and punctured left lung. Fireman Harold S. Stephenson, thrown about 45 feet, sustains a fractured left shoulder blade, lacerations of the face and scalp, and a slight concussion. The bus driver receives minor injuries. Both firefighters recover, though High does not return to active duty, and becomes a veteran dispatcher who serves for two decades. The fire truck is totaled.


Courtesy of C.T. May


Courtesy Raleigh News & Observer

Courtesy Raleigh News & Observer

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