1960 GMC 4000 / Alexander Tanker, 1500 Gallons (2)

Courtesy City of Raleigh Public Affairs, 1976
History Plate VIN Notes
Tanker 4, Tanker 8, Tanker 1 P-58195 LV4009N1906E T1 placed in service on April 3, 1960
T1 moved to Station 8 and renamed T8 by March 4, 1961
T8 moved to Station 4 and renamed T4 circa August, 18, 1968
T4 removed from service on September 4, 1986
Tanker 14, Tanker 9, Tanker 2 P-58194 LV4009N1907E T2 placed in service on April 3, 1960
T2 moved to Station 9 and renamed T9 on February 14, 1963
T9 moved to Station 14 and renamed T14 on October 27, 1974
T14 removed from service on September 4, 1986

Tanks built by Alexander Welding and Manufacturing Company of Raleigh. Cost $756.45. The city was quoted prices for three tanker sizes, 1,000 gallons, 1,500 gallons, and 2,000 gallons. They chose pair of 1,500 gallon tankers. The orders were placed on March 3, 1960, with delivery in approximately three weeks, and payment due by July 1, 1960. The offer was accepted by Fire Chief J. B. Keeter. The company signature was W. H. Alexander.

The specs for the two trucks were: 1,500 Gallon, Single Compartment, Alexander Water Tank to be mounted on Model LV4009 GMC truck (tilt cab), 108" CA. Specifications to include baffles and surge plates, 4" pip drain from center of compartment (tapered sump from front to rear of tank to assure drainage), 2" vent and 6" pipe fill (quick opening), Prime painted, Channel rear bumper, Clearance lights, reflectors, Stop & tail light.

Delivered March-April 1960. Originally acquired for protection of newly annexed areas and newly constructed Beltline. Each equipped with 2 1/2" discharges. Removed from service in 1986. Both vehicles transferred to Public Works.


Courtesy Falls Fire Department

Courtesy Raleigh News & Observer

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