Raleigh Fire Department History



Nineteen stations protecting 91.4 square miles and 212,092 residents.

Fatal fire at duplex at 6007 Applewood Lane. Fire, which starts about 4 a.m., forces two residents to jump to safety and kills a third person. Structural damage is estimated at $90,000. Also author's first fire. He is asleep at Station 9 when the buzzer sounds at 3:53 a.m. The run is a full four minutes, with flames visible from at least a block away. The two-story structure is fully-involved. Engine 9 arrives first with the author backing the hose man. Flames blast through the front door when they make entry. A body is later discovered. Smoke alarms had awakened two men sleeping upstairs. They jumped out a window, one breaking his leg. Their overnight guest, a 37-year-old female was still inside. They tried to reenter but were overcome by heat and smoke. The cause of the fire is not immediately known. Legeros fought this fire, his first, on E9. [UF] (January 28, 1990)no28jan90, oh

Engine 5 overturned at intersection of South Wilmington and Smithfield Streets. The EEI/Pemfab pumper overturns while en route to the shop after striking car that apparently runs a red light. Driver Reggie Hocutt, lone occupant, suffers minor injuries. [AI] (February 25, 1990)no26feb90

Mobile and portable radios reprogrammed with channels for:

  1. Fire Repeater
  2. Fire Simplex
  3. Fire Admin
  4. Wake County Fire 1
  5. Wake County Fire 2
  6. Rescom
  7. NCSU Channel 4
  8. RDU CFR
  9. Hospital EMS 2
  10. North Carolina Fire
  11. Eng. Insp.
  12. Parks & Recreation
  13. Pub. St.
  14. Haz-Mat  (R7 log book, February 7, 1990)

Three alarms at 1135 Crab Orchard. Apartments. Dispatched 8:22 p.m. Code 2 changed to Code 3 at 8:40 p.m. Units cleared at 4:30 a.m. with Mini 17 remaining on scene. First alarm: E10, E8, T8, C53, R6, SR1. Second: E1, E5, T1, C52, R7. Third: E6, E2, T16. Relief: E10, E7, E14, E4, E16, E13. [MF] (March 5, 1990)mjlr

Four alarms at Wake County Courthouse on Fayetteville Street Mall.

Started shortly before 4:00 p.m. in one of four courtrooms on fourth floor, which is located below the jail on the fifth floor. Fire spread to two other courtrooms and their judges chambers. Flames vented through two shattered windows on east side. Heavy smoke poured out of building for an hour. Dispatched 15:47. E1 arriving at 15:49. E13, E3 with high-rise packs to fire floor. Safety Officer to third floor, as Resource Officer. E1 supplied standpipe. E3 supplied T1, deployed in Sector 1 (front of building). E5 supplied T8, deployed in Sector 3 (rear). T11 to rear of old Post Office, prepared to assist with evacuation of jail. Building was evacuated, including 191 prisoners. Two courtrooms were heavily damaged. One firefighter was transported to hospital, treated for smoke inhalation. Some off-duty personnel also assisted. First alarm: E1, E13, T1, C52. Second: E3, E5, T8, C53, SR1, R6, R7, Third: E2, E6, T11. 4th: E10, E4, T15. C1, C70, C71, C73, C4. Coverage: Six Forks at Sta 15, Fairgrounds at Sta 14. Legeros responded to this fire, on T15. [MF] (March 18, 1990)yb02, mjlr

Recruit academy #14 graduated 17 firefighters. The academy started on February 14 and lasted 20 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the City Council Chambers. (June 30, 1990)rfd

Three alarms at 3705 Edwards Mill Road. Second and third alarms called for manpower. [MF] (July 21, 1990)mjlr

Apparatus notes:

  • 1990 Spartan / LTI aerial ladder. Placed in service as Truck 11 at 1200 hours. (August 24, 1990)rfd
  • 1986 Seagrave aerial ladder moved from Station 11 to Station 15. Photos and more information. (around August 24, 1990)

Two alarms in 200 block of E. Cabarrus Street. Dispatched 6:45 a.m. E1, E13, T1, C52; E5, E3, T8, R7, C10. [MF] (September 18, 1990)mjlr

Apparatus delivered, first closed-cab apparatus for fire department.

  • 1989 Pierce Lance pumper, placed in service as Engine 3 (October 3, 1990)
  • 1989 Pierce Lance pumper, placed in service as Engine 5 (around October 3, 1990)yb84
    Photos and more information.

Two alarms on 314 W. Jones Street. [MF] (October 5, 1990)mjlr

Two alarms at 2338 Champion Court. Fire started on couch outside building, gutted four units, displaced 10. Early Saturday morning fire. No injuries. [MF] (October 27, 1990)mjlr, no

Apparatus note: Haz-Mat 20 moved from Station 2 (November 12, 1990). yb02+

Engine 13 and Truck 8 become haz-mat companies, along with Engine 20. This ensures that twelve haz-mat technicians are on duty and available, per NFPA standards. (Around November 1990)yb02+

Two alarms at 554 New Bern Avenue. Dispatched 1:42 a.m. E3 arriving 1:44 a.m. Hand lines into the building. Truck 1 deployed in Sector 1 (front), supplied by E1. First alarm: E3, E1, T1, C52. Second: E13, E7, T8, R7. [MF] (November 19, 1990)mjlr

Two alarms at Murray Tire Service at 119 S. Harrington Street. E1, E13, T1, R6, C52; E5, E4, T11, R7, SR1, C1, C2, C10. E17 stood by until 0300. PD stood by until 0700. [MF] (November 22, 1990)mjlr

Two alarms at Glenwood Towers at 509 Glenwood Avenue. Code 3 on arrival. Heating/air-condition unit on fire in one apartment. Evacuated seventh floor. One resident transported. Second alarm not utilized. E5, E13, T1, C52, R7; E1, E3, T8, C51; C3, C4, C10, C1, C70, SR1. (December 27, 1990)


Four alarm at Meserve Hall at Shaw University at 118 E. South Street.

Dispatched about 4:15 p.m. Fire guts the top two floors of the brick, Queen Anne-style building. The structure is 96 years-old. Began on third floor and raced through brick dorm and office building. Extensive damage. One student jumped from second floor window, was transported. Hundreds of spectators watched as flames shot out of the the roof of the Queen Anne-style building's gabled ends. Built in 1896, building was one of oldest on campus. Building had recently be remodeled. Female students lived on top two floors, with admin offices on first floor. All 18 residents accounted for. Aerial apparatus deployed. Controlled at 20:30 hours. First alarm: E3, E1, T1, C52. Second: E2, E13, T8, SR1, R7, R6. Third: E5, E11, T11. Fourth, relief: E4, E16, T16, E8, E10, E17, E7. Plus C1, C2, C3, C4, C70, C71. Overnight: E9 (9 p.m.), E18 (11:30 p.m.), E6 (2 a.m.), E12 (4 a.m.), E15 (6 a.m.) [MF] (January 23, 1991)no24jan91, rfd, mjlr

Two alarms at 4700 Westgrove Street burned. Westgrove Towers. Dispatched 11:58 a.m. Fire in apartment on 11th floor. Confined to bedroom and closet, and contained to single apartment. Building evacuated for short time. Caused by electrical short in hot water heater. All units in service at 1445. E8, E14, T1, R7, C53; E6, E20, T8, R6, C2. [MF] (April 1, 1991)rfd, mjlr

Three alarms at 550 W. Cabarrus Street.

Clancy & Theys Construction Company shop. Dispatched about 5:00 p.m. Firefighters battle the blaze for "more than two hours." Smoke is reportedly seen as far as Wake Forest. "More than 500 people" gather and, at one point, police officers have to "walk between the trains at the nearby Amtrak Station" and top onlookers from standing atop "parked freight cars" for a better view. "Nine engine companies, two rescue companies, a special rescue unit, 40 firefighters, and five fire chiefs" respond. Investigation continued for a couple days. First alarm: E13, E1, T1, C52, SR1, C12, C1, C2, C3, R7. Second: E3, E5, T8, C53, R6. Third: E2, E7, T11. Plus: E14, E18, E8, E10, E16, standing by, rotated in shifts for two hours each, 2200 to 0800. Plus Mini 3 and Mini 17 on scene for second day. Legeros fought this fire, on E5. [MF] (April 20, 1991))no21apr91,, rfd

Apparatus delivered: Two 1991 Chevrolet Kodiak/Frontline rescue units delivered, placed in service as Rescue 6 and Rescue 7.

  • Rescue 6 placed in service on April 19, 1991.
  • Rescue 7 placed in service by May 1991.

Photos and more information. (April-May 1991)

Chemical fire at Accudyne at 5800 McHines Place forces evacuation. Fire reported about 6:15 a.m. Residents and business owners allowed back into area at approximately 11:30 a.m. [HM] (June 21, 1991)no

Two alarms at 1333 Hardimont Road. Montecito Apartments. Dispatched 2:07 a.m. Code 3 on arrival of Engine 4 at 2:13 a.m. Fire showing through roof and from front apartments on second floors. Firefighters assist with evacuating residents. First alarm companies assigned lay out, and search and rescue. One fatality found on secondary search, in front upstairs apartment. Resident unable to escape flames. Two aerial streams utilized. Two firefighters treated for heat exhaustion and dehydration. Building 1313, with twelve of sixteen apartments destroyed and 23 residents displaced. Occupants taken to Comfort Inn on Six Forks Road. Wake EM had personnel from Wake County Mental Health meet with occupants and arranged for Wake County Social Services to meet with them next day. First alarm: E4, E9, T11, C51. Second: E15, E19, T15, R6, R7, SR1. Third, relief: E5 (for E4), E18 (for E19), E13 (for E15). [MF] (July 7, 1991)no08jul91, rfd, mjlr

Two alarms at 3200 Calumet Drive. Wakefield Apartments. Fire found in vacant apartment used for storage. After visible fire was extinguished, fire found in the walls and spread quickly to the attic area. Changed to Code 3 fire, and brought under control soon after. E12, E7, T11, E3, C52, E3, E1, T16, R6, R7, C53, C4, C2, C1, C10, C12. [MF] (July 10, 1991)rfd, mjlr

Two alarms at 6057 Shade Tree Lane. Cooper's Pond Apartments. Dispatched 4:30 p.m. One unit destroyed, and three damaged. Started by lightning. Code 3 fire. E17, E9, T8, R6, C53, E18, E14, T16, R7, SR1, C1, C2, C3, C4, C12, C52, C98. Stand by: 2000-2200 E6, 2200-0100 M9, 0100-0400 E18, 0400-0700 E16. [MF] (July 26, 1991)no27jul91, mjlr

Apparatus note: 1991 Simon/Duplex/E-One haz-mat unit placed in service as Haz-Mat 20. Photos and more information. (August 14 or 15, 1991)rfd

Three alarms at Montecito Apartments at 3939 Wake Forest Road.

Dispatched 1:51 p.m. Code 2 on arrival, changed to Code 3 on arrival, after fire breaks through the roof of corner apartment. Fire also spread through the attic space to other apartments. Engine 9 and Engine 11 entered with one-and-a-half inch into Sector 2 (inside), second floor. Truck 11 attempted to ventilate using a vertical trench cut, but was stopped due to fire breaking through the roof. Aerial operations. Three hydrants. Fire damage to six units, water and smoke damage to ten others. Caused by propane torch on copper pipe during dishwasher installation, which conducted heat and ignited material.


  • Engine 15 at Wake Forest and Colby, laid by Engine 9. About 800 feet.
  • Engine 4 at 3808 Colby Drive. Laid from Engine 9.
  • Engine 6 at 3700 Benson Drive. Two three-inch lines hand laid to Engine 9.


  • Truck 11 supplied with two lines by Engine 9.
  • Others?


  • Units 244 to 249, fire
  • Units 250 and 251, water and smoke
  • Units 144 to 151, water and smoke
  • Sixteen units in building.

 Run card:

  • E9, E11, T11, C51, first alarm
  • E4, E15, T15, R7, R6, SR1, C52, second alarm
  • C1, C2, C3, C4, C10, C11, C12
  • E6, E14, E8, E18, relief companies
  • Three Fire Prevention officers
  • Mini 3 from 1900 to 2400 with two personnel.
  • Mini 9 from 2400 to 0730 with two personnel.

Alternate address of 3939 Colby Drive. [MF] (August 27, 1991)no28aug91, rfd, mjlr

Recruit academy #15 graduated 25 firefighters. The academy started on February 13 and lasted 26 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the City Council Chambers. (August 30, 1991)rfd

Raleigh Fire Department Photo Unit established by a pair of local fire buffs who wanted to combine their interests in photography and the fire service. The founders included local architect and later FireNews.net creator Jeff Harkey. They responded to working fires and other significant incidents. They also provided their services for special events as well as for stock photography needs. The photo unit operates through the mid-nineties. Lee Wilson is added as an official fire department photographer in 1994. He'd been taking photos since 1990 and becomes a familiar fixture at fire scenes for over two decades. (September 1991)chb

Captain S. T. Eudy becomes first haz-mat team coordinator. (October 1, 1991)yb02+

Station note: Station 7 address changed to 2100 Glascock Street from 1300 Glascock Street. (October 9, 1991)rfd

Fire Administration and Fire Prevention offices relocate to Professional Building at 123-127 W. Hargett Street. Photos and more information. (November 1991)rfd

Apparatus note: Foam Unit 12 placed in service at Station 12 with a 1968 American LaFrance pumper. (December 3, 1991)rfd

Apparatus note: SR1 moved from Station 1 to Station 5. Unit retains name SR1 for about five months. (December 14, 1991)rfd

First Battalion Chief, or Shift Supervisor, placed in service on full-time basis (December 16, 1991). rfd, oh


Two alarms at 522 Dorothea Drive. Apartments. Dispatched about 8:00 a.m. Code 2 changed to Code 3. Fire contained to one unit, started in back bedroom. Fire controlled in about 20 minutes. Two-story building has one room gutted. First alarm: E13, E1, T1, R7, C52, C5. Second: E2, E8, T8, R6, C51, SR1. Plus: E5, C1, C2, C3, C4, 10, C12 [MF] (February 12, 1992)rpu, no13feb92, mjlr

Two alarms at 3830 Brentwood Roads. Brentwood West Apartments. Dispatched about 5:00 p.m. One unit gutted, and two others damaged. Fire controlled in about 15 minutes. First alarm: E11, E19, T11, R7, C51 Second: E15, E4, T15, R6, C52. Plus: SR1 C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C10, C12. [MF] (February 13, 1992)no14feb92, mjlr

Light plane crashed in Umstead Park. See Raleigh-Durham Airport Emergency Services history. [AA] (February 18, 1992)

Runaway hot-air balloon crashed at intersection of Millbrook and Green Roads after tangling in traffic signal lines about 3:30 p.m. Neither the pilot nor his passenger is injured attempting to launch from a soccer field off Millbrook Road. Pilot is cited for taking off within city limits without permit. City and state workers take about two hours to untangle balloon and wires. [AA] (March 1, 1992)no02mar92

Two alarms at 220 E. Cabarrus Street. Rooming house. E3, E13, T1, R7, C52, E5, E12, T8, R6, C53, E15 relief. Formerly Lewis Hotel, the building was built in 1923 by Needham and Hattie Lewis. The "two-story brick-veneer building was covered with a hipped roof and featured a two-story recessed front porch over the main entrance" and for many years was, with the Lightner Arcade, the only accommodations in Raleigh for African Americans. [MF] (March 5, 1992)rpu, no06mar92

Two alarms at 500 E. Franklin Street. Gospel Chapel Church Dispatched 2:29 a.m. Changed from Code 2 to Code 3 at 2:47 a.m. Controlled at 0418 hours. First alarm: E3, E7, T1, R7, C52. Second: E1, E13, T8, R6, C51. Relief: E16, E19. Plus: C1, C2, C3, C5, C10, C12. The church was built in 1935, with additions in 1955. [MF] (March 6, 1992)no07mar92, rpu

Three alarms at 6205 Waterside Lane.

Townhome buildings. Dispatched about 3:00 p.m. One townhouse gutted, and another heavily damaged. Two-story frame condo, E16 arriving at 14:52. Upgraded to Code 3 two minutes later. Controlled in approximately 20 minutes. Units on scene until approximately 2200. Alternate address: 6133 Highcastle Court. First alarm: E17, E16, T16, R6, C53. Second: E18, E15, T11, R7, C52, SR1, C1, C4, C5, C10. Third, manpower: E8, E9 (not used, returned), T8. Overhaul: E4, E13, T15. [MF] (April 17, 1992)no18apr92, mjlr

Two alarms  at 118 E. South Street. Tyler Hall at Shaw University. Car 5 first-arriving, calls Code 3. Majority of fire on first floor. E3, E1, T1, R7, C52, E13, E10, T8, R6, C51, E5, E14 relief, E19 relief. [MF] (April 17, 1992)rpu

Two alarms at 509 Glenwood Avenue. Glenwood Towers Dispatched about 4:45 p.m. Heavy smoke and minor fire in apartment on second-floor. Code 2 on arrival by E5, upgraded to Code 3 by Car 52. Fire in a/c unit, damage only to a/c unit and carpet. E5, E3, T1, R7, C52; E1, E3, T8, R6, C1, C2, C4, C5, C12, SR 5. [MF] (May 18, 1992)no19may92

Two alarms at 1701 S. Saunders Street. Wake County Social Services storage building. Dispatched about 3:00 a.m. Code 2 with entire front interior involved, and heavy smoke through rest of building. Called for second alarm. Fire under control in approximately 20 minutes. Heavy fire damage to front interior and roof supports. First alarm: E2, E13, T1, R7, C52. Second: E1, E20, T8, R6, SR5, C5, C4, C1, C1. [MF] (May 29, 1992)rpu, no30may92, mjlr

Two alarms at 512 E. Davie Street. Raleigh Rescue Mission recycling center. Dispatched about 10:20 p.m. First arriving units called a second alarm. Accessed using front and back doors, via saws. Controlled in about 15 minutes. Fire in mattress recycling room. Two firefighters transported with minor injuries. First alarm: E3, E1, T1, C52, C5, R7. Second: E13, E12, T8, R6. [MF] (June 11, 1992)no12jun92, mjlr

Engine 15 and Truck 15 added to haz-mat companies. (July 1992)yb02+

Three alarms at 600 Bloodworth Street.

Institute for Cosemtology building. Flames are spotted shortly after 1:00 a.m. in the turn-of-the-century brick building being renovated by Shaw University for use as a dormitory after having bought it earlier this year. By 3:00 a.m., fire has spread throughout the building, shooting from the roof and out of windows. About 40 firefighters battle blaze which is brought under control within three hours. Heavy fire and water damage to basement, first floor, second floor, and roof. Units relieved on scene by B shift personnel. First alarm: E3, E1, T1, R7, C52. Second alarm: E13, E12, T8, R6, C51. Third alarm: E5, E20, T11. [MF] (August 23, 1992)rpu, no24aug92, mjlr

North Carolina State University senior falls into open manhole in the Brickyard. Accident occurs about 10:00 a.m., when Meredith Ryan drops 10 feet into an underground tunnel. Though uninjured, rescuers from Engine 5 and Rescue 6 keep her in the tunnel for nearly an hour, so she can be strapped into braces and hoisted out of the hole. [TR] (September 14, 1992)no15sep92

Position of Firefighter II, or Engineer, changed to Lieutenant. (September 25, 1992)rfd

Three Alarms at 206 Loft Lane.

The Lofts Apartments. First alarm: E9, E16, T16, R6, C51. Second alarm: E15, E18, T11, R7, C53. Third alarm: E4, E14. Blaze occurs at night. [MF] (October 29, 1992)rpu

Discovery of sliced safety harness on rescue unit prompts suspicion of sabotage. Equipment is impounded and checked by order of City Manager. Firefighters are interviewed. Police investigation reaches "a dead end after six weeks." (November 1, 1992)no

Two alarms at 710 W. Jones Street. Two alarms. Dispatched 0037 hours. Code 2, changed to Code 3. One fatality. Displaced 11 people. Fire had spread through much of the building on arrival of crews. Two brief searches made by crews. House was 70 or 80 years old, and had eight apartments, two in basement, four on ground floor, and two on second floor. First alarm: E13, E1, T1, R6, C52. Second alarm: E5, E6, T8, R7, C51. [MF] (December 19, 1992)rpu, mjlr

Three alarms at IGA Grocery Store at 718 N. Person Street.

Dispatched 9:36 p.m. Code 3 on arrival and automatic second alarm. Smoke showing from rear of store around room-mounted air-condition units upon arrival. Firefighters attempt to force door in rear of building. Two crews enter front of store at approximately 9:55 p.m. Attack crew notices ceiling tiles on floor indicating fire overheard. Volume of fire grows and moves to front of store. Fire beings showing at approximately 9:53. Truck 1 positions to left of building and operates master stream onto roof. Crews ordered to withdraw from building at approximately 12:10 a.m. Additional truck companies establish master streams at front and right side of building. Hand lines required to cool apparatus from radiant heat. Mansard-style canopy on three sides of building becomes fully involved and collapses into parking lot. Crews do not re-enter until following day. Store and contents are total loss. Fire originates in rear of store, but exact cause is unknown. Three firefighters are injured and treated on the scene for smoke inhalation. E3, E7, T1, R7, C52, E4, E11, T11, R6, C51, E6, E16, T16, E1 relief, E14 relief. [MF] (December 20, 1992)rpu, no

First haz-mat computer placed in service. (December 30, 1992)yb02+

First Fire Protection Engineer hired. The position is created as an intern program with the University of Maryland. The position is later changed to a full-time position.

Wake County started contracting with City of Raleigh for haz-mat response. yb02+


Parking deck at Crabtree Valley Mall collapsed. Reported about 2:00 a.m. [UI] (February 3, 1993)rfd

Two alarms at 3911 Beryl Road. Martin Architectural Building Products. Fire is reported at 2:33 a.m. by resident at 3005 Richward Place who awakens and smells burning electrical wires. His apartment is about 60 feet from corner of Martin building. Code 3 on arrival, with fire through the roof. Due to distant fire hydrant, firefighters tunnel through ground underneath railroad tracks between Beryl Road and Hillsborough Street to run a fire hose 300 to 400 feet to a hydrant on Hillsborough Street. Controlled about 4:15 a.m. All units in service at 4:35 p.m. First alarm: E8, E5, T8, R6, C53. Second: E14, E20, T1, R7, C51. [MF] (February 12, 1993)rpu, no12feb93

Two alarms at 2626 Sourwood Drive. Code 2, changed to Code 3. House fire, under construction. Code 3 for manpower and use of ladder. Second alarm units cancelled on arrival. (February 19, 1993)mjlr

City Council considered closing "four fire stations in and around downtown" and "building two new stations to replace them." Consolidation process is proposed, which would trim 24 firefighter positions and save up to $800,000, plus benefits. Plan includes closing Stations 1 and 3 and building new building near Martin Luther King Boulevard and Haywood Street, as well as closing Stations 1 and 5 and constructing a new station near Wade Avenue and St. Mary's Street. Citizens later protest. Plan is eventually dropped. (February 1993)no

Two alarms at Shelton's Used Furniture at 2654 S. Saunders Street burned. Dispatched about 1:00 a.m. Controlled within 45 minutes. Building is completed destroyed. First alarm: E2, E13, T1, R6, C52. Second: E1, E5, T8, T7, C51. Relief: E7, E17, E19, E3. [MF] (April 4, 1993)rpu, no05apr93

Three alarms at 1300 Kirkland Road burned. Arnold Concrete Company factory. Dispatched in afternoon. Reported by District Chief. Abandoned factory found on fire, and two woods fires. Controlled in about 20 minutes. First alarm: E2, E20, T1, R5, C53. Second: E13, E3, C52. Third: E4. [MF] (April 4, 1993)rpu, no05apr93

Chemical fire in laboratory at Daniels Hall at North Carolina State University caused haz-mat response during final-exam week. Subsequent power outage caused by squirrel crawling into transformer sets off multiple fire alarms. [HM] [UF] (May 3, 1993)no

Three alarms at Bryan Building on Daniels Street. Dispatched 5:46 a.m. Code 2, upgraded to Code 3. Second alarm called due to difficulty locating the fire. Third alarm called, when fire breaks through the roof. Fire damage contained to second story third of structure. Extensive water damage to retail shops below fire floor. Controlled after about 2.5 hours. Command terminated 1900. First alarm: E5, E6, T1, R6, C52. Second: E13, E1, T8, R7, C53. Third: E4, E12, T15. Plus: Cars 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 12, 70, 71, 72, 73, and rookie class. [MF] (May 24, 1993)rpu, no25may93, mjlr

City Museum opened with the first exhibit of "How Fire Has Changed The Face of Raleigh." (June 18, 1993)no

House at 2424 Rushing Brook Drive burned. Two alarms. Second alarm for manpower due to heat, Engine 17, Engine 15. Mutual aid Six Forks Fire Department. Fire started in garage from car parked on top of pile of cardboard. First alarm: E16, E9, T16, R6, C53. Second: E17, E15, T15. Also: T8, E6, E4, E10, SR5, R7, C5, C3, C4, C10, Six Forks Rescue. [MF] (June 11, 1993)rfd. mjlr

Two alarms at 401 New Bern Avenue. Rooming house. Dispatched about 10:20 p.m. Controlled by 11:00 p.m. Two nearby houses also sprayed to prevent spreading. First alarm: E3, E3, T1, R7, C52. Second: E13, E7, T11, R6, C53. [MF] (June 20, 1993)rpu, no21jun93

Station 4 moved to 121 Northway Court. City retains ownership of 2917 Wake Forest Road. Photos and more information. (June 24, 1993)rfd

Interlocal agreement started with Raleigh and Wendell fire departments contracted by county for cooperative, county-wide haz-mat response. (July 1, 1993)wake-boc

Four alarms at 3114-3118 Avent Ferry Road. Gorman Crossings Apartment. Dispatched about 5:00 p.m. Engine 20 arriving 5:10 p.m. Code 3 on arrival. Controlled 6:15 p.m. Six of eight units destroyed. Outdoor temperature is 95 degrees with heat index of 103 degrees. First alarm: E20, E8, T8, R6, C53. Second: E13, E5, T1, R7, C51, SR5, C5, C4, C12. Third, manpower: E6, E7, T11. Fourth, manpower: E4, E19, E10. [MF] (July 4, 1993)rfd, no05jul93

Two alarms at 7355 Circle Bank. Litchford Park Apartments. Fire in attic and roof. Used hand lines, aerial truck. Caused by lighting. Dispatched 15:57. [MF] (July 10, 1993)rfd, mjlr

Recruit academy #17 graduated 27 firefighters, including one Wake County and four Wilson firefighters. The academy started on February 8 and lasted 26 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the City Council Chambers. (July 30, 1993)rfd

Two alarms at 1800 Glenwood Avenue. Hayes Barton Baptist Church. Dispatched 15:23. Roof area of old chapel/annex catches fire, started by workmen who accidentally cut a propane line fueling a blowtorch. Fire contained to roof. Controlled in about 25 minutes. First alarm: E6, E9, T1, R6, C52, C5. Second: E5, E13, T16, SR 5, others? [MF] (August 17, 1993)no18aug93, mjlr

Two alarms at 1415 Kersaw Drive. House. Second alarm for manpower, due to heat. [MF] (August 31, 1993)rfd, mjlr

Three alarms at Bashford Place townhouses at 750 Bashford Road. Reported about 2:45 p.m. Heavy smoke coming from rear of units with fire involved. Code 2, then changed to Code 3. Aerial operations utilized. Several firefighters treated for heat exhaustion. On resident transported for turns. Three townhomes destroyed. Fourteen fire trucks and 30 firefighters responded. First alarm: E8, E14, T1, R6, C53. Second: E5, E20, T16. Third: E6, E13. Plus: C10, C2, C3, C4, R7, C12. Relief: E10, E1 (and others?). Overnight: Mini 9 and Mini 3. [MF] (September 9, 1993)no10sep93, mjlr

Vehicle note: Fire safety house delivered. The Serro Travel Trailer Company trailer is 32 feet long. (October 29, 1993, or alternate date, September 7, 1993)rfd

Old Station 4 at 2917 Wake Forest Road repurposed as Career Development Center, and houses the office for the haz-mat coordinator. Photos and more information. (Fall 1993)yb02+

Fire department implements EMT-D program citywide. Semi-automated external defibrillators were installed on all engine, ladder, and rescue company apparatus. Firefighters began using the devices to administer electrical shocks to patients suffering from life-threatening cardiac conditions. Within two weeks, Engine 11 had the first confirmed save. Over the years, the defibrillators are replaced with fully automated units that were also smaller and lighter. (November 29, 1993)rfd, chb

Confined space rescue team trained. A total of 65 firefighters are training with 60 hours of classroom and drill training. The team is trained as new federal legislation requires industries with employees who work in confined spaces to have a confined space rescue team, or contract for such a service. Since the city is such an industry, with public works and utility employees, the city manager decides RFD should offer the service throughout the city. (November 1993)no26nov93


Inmates rioted at Polk Youth Center on Blue Ridge Road. Nearly 200 inmates usher in the New Year "with a two-hour rampage, breaking dozens of windows and ripping sinks and toilets from the floor." Two fire units are dispatched to stand by. [UI] (January 1, 1994)no

Two alarms at 3917 Lassiter Mill Road. Wakestone Gardens. Dispatched 10:09 p.m. E9 arriving 22:13 with Code 2 fire. Upgraded to Code 3 fire at 22:20 by Car 51. Controlled 23:00. Commercial building located just south of Beltline bridge. Structure totally engulfed, with rear part of first floor collapsed into basement. Two-story, 6,000 square-foot main building destroyed. First alarm: E9, E6, T16, R6, C52. Second: E16, E11, T11, R7, C52, SR5, C2, C3, C4, C5, C10. Plus E17, E10 standing by using E9. [MF] (January 5, 1994)no, mjlr

Two alarms at 322-H Dacian Road. Apartments. Dispatched 00:10. Fire controlled in about 45 minutes. [MF] (January 22, 1994)lw, rfd, mjlr

Two alarms at 1215 Hillsborough Street. Apartments. Dispatched 5:30 a.m. Three-story building with businesses on first floor. Magic Corner & Costume Shop has smoke and water damage. First alarm: E5, E13, T1, R6, C52. Second: E1, E6, T8, R7, C53, SR5. [MF] (January 24, 1994)no25jan94, mjlr

Fire Administration and Prevention / Inspections offices relocated to Dillon Building at 310 W. Martin Street. Photos and more information. (January 1994)rfd

Two alarms at 1436 Rock Quarry Road. Watson's Flea Market restaurant. Dispatched 19:30. Former cold storage building, vacant, attached to rear of main office and restaurant. Code 3 on arrival. Truck 1 used as aerial stream. Controlled in about 40 minutes. Heavy damage to rear storage
area and minor fire damage to rear of second floor of main building. First alarm: E10, E3, T1, R7, C52. Second: E1, E13, T11 R6, C51, C5, C12. Relief: E6. Plus crews on scene the following day. [MF] (February 12, 1994)no13feb94, lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 400 Fayetteville Street Mall. Sir Walter Raleigh Hotel. Fire starts in room 319. Heavy smokes fills 70 year-old building as 135 residents are evacuated. [MF] (April 20, 1994)rfd, lw

Two alarms at 4105 Bland Road. Montecito West Apartments. Dispatched 21:33. Code 3 on arrival of Engine 9 and Car 51. Unit totally involved on both floors and fire coming out all windows and doors. Three apartments damaged. Controlled in about 45 minutes. First alarm: E9, E15, T15, R7, C51. Second: E11, T11, E19, C52, C5, R6, C1, C2, C3. [MF] (April 30, 1994)no01may94, lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 901 W. Morgan Street. Irregardless Cafe. Dispatched about 1:50 a.m. Much of building involved on arrival. First alarm: E5, E13, T1, R6, C52. Second: E6, E1, T8. Relief: E8. [MF] (May 24, 1994)lw, no25may94. mjlr

Two alarms at 1625 Capital Boulevard. Capital Inn. [MF] (May 28, 1994)lw

New radio channels placed in service, Fire Tac 3 (repeater)and Fire Tac 4 (direct). The repeater channel is for Code 2 and Code 3 fires, for major operations, and as back-up. (By July 18, 2004)rfd

Three alarms at Crown Court Apartments on Crown Court. Dispatched about 11:00 p.m. Firefighters break through adjoining apartment to extinguish blaze. Reportedly started by 11-year-old girl playing with candles in her bedroom and knocking one over. [MF] (August 28, 1994)no29aug94

"Trauma protocol in effect" implemented for patients meeting criteria on medical calls. The radio code starts a hospital notification procedure. (September 1, 1994)rfd

Fire department television channel moves from Channel 59 to Channel 22. (September 1994)rfd

Three alarms at Caraleigh Furniture warehouse at 1600 S. Saunders Street. Dispatched as fire alarm activation about 1:30 p.m. Controlled in about an hour, extinguished in 30 more minutes. With 40 firefighters. One FF with minor burns. Entire contents destroyed, extensive damage to building. First alarm: E5, E2, E13, T1, R6, C52, C5, SR 5. Second: E1, E20, T8, R7. Third, relief: E10, E6. [MF] (November 12, 1994)no13nov94, mjlr

Recruit academy #18 graduated 23 firefighters, including two Wake County firefighters. The academy started on May 31 and lasted 25 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the City Council Chambers. (November 23, 1994)rfd

Fire department entered North Carolina Police and Fire Olympics for first time. (November 1994)yb02+

Engine 3 broke record as first company to run over 2,000 calls in one year, answering 2,073 calls in 1994. rfd


Two alarms at 913 Shellbrook Court. Shellbrook Apartments. Reported about 5:20 a.m. Four units destroyed. Venting through roof on arrival. Controlled in about an hour. [MF] (January 25, 1995)no, lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 1125 S. State Street. Apartments. Controlled in 30 minutes. First alarm: E3, E1, T1, R7, C52. Second: E13, E10, T8, R6, C51, SR5, C5, C2, C3, C10, C12. Controlled in about 30 minutes. Fifteen people displaced. [MF] (January 28, 1995)rfd, mjlr

Two alarms at 3939 Wake Forest Road. Monticeto Apartments. First alarm: E9, E15, T11, R7, C51. Second: E19, E7, E17, T16, C5, C3, C4, C12. Controlled in about 30 minutes. [MF] (February 24, 1995)lw, mjlr

Apparatus delivery: 1995 Simon-Duplex / LTI aerial platform, placed in service as Truck 16. Photos and more information. (February 27, 1995)lw

Two alarms at 808 S. Saunders Street. Goodwin Refrigeration. Dispatched 2:34 p.m. Abandoned warehouse. E3, E13, E1, E10, T1, T8, R7, C53, C52, ? Controlled in about 60 minutes. [MF] (April 16, 1995)no17apr95, mjlr

Two alarms at 3144 Avent Ferry Road. Dispatched 05:30. Apartments. Fire confined to one unit, smoke damage to four adjoining. E20, E8, T8, R6, C53 (1st), E13, E14, T1, R7, C52 (2nd). (April 28, 1995)mjlr

Jonny B. Sandy appointed fourteenth Fire Chief, serves 1995-1999. Sandy joined the fire department in 1964. (July 1, 1995)yb84

First high-level rescue performed. Two window repairmen rescued from outside the seventh floor of Wake Country Public Safety Center after their motorized scaffolding fails at approximately 2:15 p.m., causing "one side of the platform to fall from beneath the men." Firefighters take over an hour to " set up the rescue" which includes inflating a "giant air mattress on the third-floor ceiling, about 40 feet below the workers." Firefighter Mike Davidson is lowered from the top of the eleven-story building and both workers are rescued "in about 15 minutes." [TR] (May 3, 1995)no04may95, chb

Two alarms at 1400 Kirkland Drive. Abandoned structure. Through roof on arrival. Aerial operations only. Fire involving 3000 square feet of building. First alarm: E2, E20, T1, R6, C53. Second: E1, E13, T8, R_, C52. Second alarm returned to service on arrival. [MF] (July 8, 1995)rfd, mjlr

Bomb exploded at 4300 Six Forks Road. Fifth floor of BTI Building. Engine 9 connects to sprinkler system, while crews head to fire floor to investigate. Find one person with trauma protocol. Raleigh bomb squad secures scene and all crews exit building with patient. Second patient with minor injuries, transported to hospital in personal vehicle. Crews subsequently clear smoke on floor. E9, E11, T15, C51, R6. Plus C1, C4, C5, C10. [UI] (July 10, 1995)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 1917 Cambridge Way. Second alarm for manpower. Apparent lightning strike ignited attic of two-story dwelling. Fire brought under control with various hand lines from E18 and E4 supplied T16 as they overhauled. One firefighter injury. E18, E4, T16, R6, C51. E17, E16, T15, C53, C5, C3, 12, SR5. [MF] (July 17, 1995)rfd, mjlr

High-level rescue training started. (July 1995)

Two alarms at 1500 Burgandy Street. Apartments. Dispatched 0409. Engine 7 arrived 0409. [MF] (October 25, 1995)rfd

Two alarms at 5815 Jean Drive. Large outbuilding behind residence. Dispatched 0357. Code 3 on arrival. Two lines from E16 used to extinguish. E16, E18, T16, C51, R7, and others. [MF] (November 5, 1995)mjlr

Two alarms at Dorothea Dix hospital at 900 S. Boylan Street. Dispatched 16:27. Code 3, fire in south wing. Fire contained to one room on first floor. Controlled in about 20 min. Smoke damage to three floors. 44 patients evacuated. Intentionally set by patient in room. First alarm: E13, E2, T1, R7, C52. Second: E5, E20, T8, C53, SR 5, C2. [MF] (November 10, 1995)rfd, mjlr

Two alarms at 3700 Computer Drive. Dispatched 04:13. [MF] (November 12, 1995)rfd

Two alarms at 1605 Park Drive. Dispatched 06:43. Code 2 house fire. Fully involved on arrival. Interior, then defensive operations. One fatality. E5, E13, T1, C52, C5, R7, E6. Was second alarm called? [MF] (November 22, 1995)rfd

Apparatus delivered:

  • 1995 Pierce Dash pumper, placed in service as Engine 11
  • 1995 Pierce Dash pumper, placed in service as Engine 15
    Photos and more information.


Raleigh firefighters competed in " World Challenge Four," after qualifying in regional competition in Charlotte. Six firefighters travel to Tampa, Florida for weekend competition against the "best from the United States, Canada, and Australia." This is the first year the department qualifies for the international challenge. (January 4, 1996)no

Two alarms at 6512 Suburban Drive. Cedar Point Apartments. Dispatched 17:45 hours. Fire starts in Apartment 1-A, which is gutted. Fire damage to two other units. Smoke damage to six more, laundry room, and foyer. Controlled in about 35 minutes. One occupant with third-degree burns to hands and wrist. Six occupants also transported for smoke inhalation. One women jumps from third-floor balcony after throwing three her children into the waiting arms of men below. All four are caught safely. Residents in 11 units displaced from homes. First alarm: E15 E9, T15, R6, C51. Second alarm: E4, E19, T11, R7, C53, C1, C3, C10, C12, C198. [MF] (February 1, 1996)no, rfd

Fatal apartment fire at 462 Dorothea Drive. Heritage Park Apartments. Two alarms. Dispatched 0224. Three children killed. Firefighters rescue a 4 year-old boy who dies from injuries on May 13. Fatalities re located in second floor bedrooms. Fire controlled in approximately one hour. First alarm: E1, E13, T1, R7, C52, C5. Second alarm for manpower: E2, E5, T8, R6, C53. [MF] (February 2, 1996)rfd

Ice storm struck Raleigh. "B" shift reports for duty and answers 299 calls during 24-hour period. Historical average to this point is 52 calls per 24-hours. [WE] (February 2, 1996)rfd

Two alarms at 3714 Capital Boulevard. Roadhouse Restaurant. Dispatched 12:27. Code 3 on arrival of Engine 11. Fire coming through roof. Quick attack attempted, but changed to defensive mode. Truck 11 and Truck 15 deployed as aerial streams. Fire started in upstairs storage area. Ten employees and several dozen customers escape unharmed. Fire controlled in about 45 minutes. First alarm: E11, E15, T11, C5_. Second alarm: E19, E5, T15, R6, C53, C5. [MF] (February 7, 1996)lw, rfd, no08feb96

Two alarms at 6117 Westgate Road. Southeastern Screen Printing. Code 3 fire in the county. E17, C53, C5 dispatched as mutual aid at 23:44 hours. County fire units request T16 while original Raleigh units are en route. After arriving, Car 5 confers with incident commander, and they decide that additional manpower is needed. E15 and E7 are dispatched, along with SR5 for air support. The building is divided into sectors and Raleigh takes one sector, and extinguishes and overhauls about one third of the building. [MF] (March 14, 1996)rfd

Two alarms at 2110 Capital Boulevard. Westbrook Auto Sales. Dispatched 1:54 a.m. Arrived at 1:59 a.m. Later upgraded to second alarm. First alarm: E7, E11, T11, R7, C52. Second: E1, T3, T1, R6, C51, C5. Plus: SR5, C1, C2, C10, C12, M9 for relief. [MF] (May 1, 1996)lw, rfd

Three alarms at 4004 Twickenham Court. Village of Pickwick Apartments. Dispatched at 4:28 a.m. Fire venting through roof on arrival. Severe access problems, crews unable to get apparatus close to the building. All equipment had to regroup and change location. All lines to the building have to be hand-laid. Third alarm called for relief, as all companies on scene were three-person. Twelve units, four destroyed, two badly damaged, and remaining with smoke and water damage. Crews remaining on scene into the morning. First alarm: E17, E16, T8, R6, C53. Second alarm: E9, E4, T15, R7, C51, C5, C10, C12, C2. Third alarm: E8, E18, T11. [MF] (May 4, 1996)no, lw, rfd

Two alarms at 747 Wintergreen Drive. Fire in attic area in a row of townhomes. Contained to one unit. E4, E15, T15, R6, C51; E9, E18, T16, R7, others? [MF] (June 1, 1996)

Recruit academy #19 graduated 33 firefighters, 32 men and one woman. Positions are filled from more than 500 applicants. The academy started on January 8 and lasted 20 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted in Room D at the Raleigh Civic and Convention Center. (May 24, 1996)rfd

Fatal fire at 630 Sunnybrook Road. Gasoline can causes ignition when flames ignite from gas can being used to refill lawn mowers. Officials investigate "whether the 49-year-old woman was smoking when she walked up to the can of gasoline." [UF] (July 8, 1996)no

Hurricane Bertha struck southern North Carolina, eye of Category 3 storm making landfall southwest of Wilmington, NC, with 105 mph winds at 5:00 p.m. Eye passes east of Raleigh with 100 mph winds about 11:00 p.m. [WE] (July 12, 1996)wral

Two alarms at 4001 Beryl Road. Dispatched 01:15 hours. First alarm: E8, E5, T8, C53. Second alarm: E14, E20, T1, R6, C52 C5. Also C1, C2, C3, C10. Upgraded from Code II to Code III. [MF] (August 3, 1996)rfd

Hurricane Fran struck eastern North Carolina, eye of Category 3 storm making landfall near Wilmington, NC, with 114 mph winds at 11:00 p.m.

Eye of storm passes west of Raleigh around 7:00 a.m. City receives 10.46 inches of rain and wind gusts as high as 79 miles per hour. Power outages are widespread with all 420 traffic signals in the city limits believed out at sunrise on September 6, 1996.

Many roads are blocked by trees from the I-440 beltline down to the smallest residential street. Flooding is severe along Crabtree Creek, which rises 16 feet in 14 hours, cresting at 7 feet above flood stand and flooding numerous roads and intersections, including the Glenwood Avenue bridge and Wake Forest Road south of Six Forks Road.

By 4:25 p.m., the lower level of Crabtree Valley Mall is flooded with a foot of water. Guests at the Sheraton Hotel at Crabtree Valley are stranded by 6 feet of run over from the creek. Residents in Forest Acres off Wake Forest Road retreat to rooftops. Off-duty personnel recalled for only second time since 1988 tornado.

Engine 2 makes dramatic rescue of Wayne Smith from bed of pick-up truck, marooned for over an hour in fast-moving water at intersection of Wilmington and Fayetteville streets. Engine is driven down Wilmington Street and Smith leaps aboard moving pumper. Captain Rusty Ross is quoted in subsequent News & Observer article "we had to keep it steady. If we didn't keep a steady speed, water would have gotten into the tailpipe and stalled the engine." [WE] (September 6, 1996)wral

Two alarms at Meredith College burned. Hillman Dormitory. First alarm: E5, E8, T8, C52. Second alarm: E14, E6, T1, C53, C5, SR5. Caused by electrical short. [MF] (September 17, 1996)rfd

Two alarms at 2315 Hillsborough Street burned. Rooming house. Dispatched about 5:00 p.m. Code 2, then Code 3. Heavy fire on arrival. Controlled in about an hour. Fire closes Hillsborough Street for several hours. E5, E13, T1, R6, C52, SR5, E8, E1, T8, R7, C2, C3, C5, C12, M9, E10 relief, C198, E2 relief. "B" shift. [MF] (October 4, 1996)lw, no05oct96

Two alarms at 811 Hillsborough Street burned. State Employees Credit Union. Additional companies called due to fire on roof, in generator room, and sulfuric acid leaking into building. E5, E13, T8, T11, R6, SR5, C51, C53, C1, C2, C3, C5, C12, HM20."B" shift. [HM] (October 18, 1996)lw

Two alarms at Salisbury and Davie streets. Radisson Plaza hotel. Fire reported in basement. Evacuation underway on arrival. Upgraded to Code 3 upon arrival of Car 5, for manpower to assist with evacuation and for suppression, if the fire spread. Fire quickly contained by first-alarm assignment using dry powder extinguishers. First alarm: E1, E13, T1, C52, R7. Second: E3, E5, T8, R_, C51, C5, C2, C3, C4, C10. [MF] (November 8, 1996)rfd

Two alarms at 2120 Larson Drive. Code 2 apartment fire, changed to Code 3. First alarm: E3, E1, T1, R7, C52. Second alarm: E12, E13, T7, R6, C53. Downgraded to code 2. (December 11, 1996)rfd

Engine 3 responds to 2,037 calls in one year, breaking previous response records. rfd

Fire department computer system goes into full operation. rfd


Two alarms on 3000 Brennan. Dispatched 16:52. Apartments under construction. First alarm: E18, E17, T16, R6, C53. Second: E4, E16, T15, R7, C51. Plus: C5, C1, C2, C3. [MF] (February 2, 1997)mjlr

Two alarms on Essex Circle. Ten offices destroyed in evening fire. Blaze begins in attic of Building H, and within minutes, fire spread to Building G. Two-story building. Controlled within an hour. Building is 30 years old, to be demolished in next two years, for future condo site. E16, E14, T16, R6, C53; E5, E16, T1, R7, C51. [MF] (February 16, 1997)mjlr

Apparatus note: Mini 9 is removed from service, after an non-response accident at 4513 Lead Mine Road. The 1986 Chevy mini-pumper is totaled. [AI] (March 14, 1997)rfd

Renovations completed to Keeter Training Center including classroom and office space upstairs and storage space downstairs. (March, 1997)rfd

Career Development Center at old Station 4 closed. Haz-mat Coordinator office is moved Public Works facility on West Street. The Wake Forest Road building is subsequently sold to a software company. (April 15, 1997)yb02+

Training Division changes to four-day work week, similar to Fire Prevention/Inspection. (Spring 1997)

Two alarms at 1601 Hillsborough Street. YMCA. Smoke coming from roof on arrival. Fire found in electrical room in basement. E5, E13, T1, R7, C52, R6, C1, C3, C4, C12, SR5, E1, E6, T8, C51, and E16 and T16 for relief. [MF] (June 2, 1997)lw

Recruit academy #20 graduated 18 firefighters. The academy started on January 6 and lasted 25 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the City Council Chambers. (June 27, 1997)rfd

Two alarms at 7639 Trowbridge Court. Stonehenge Townhomes. Engine 18 arriving with one unit fully involved. Second alarm called by C51. Fire contained to one unit. E18, E16, T16, R6, C51, SR5, C2, C5, C53, C3, C10, C198, E4, E17, T15, R7. Coverage with T8, E8, E7. Relief with E9, E14. [MF] (August 2, 1997)lw, mjlr

Rapid Intervention Teams (RIT) placed in service. Requires response of third engine company to all working structure fires. (September 1, 1997)rfd

Two alarms at 1700 Proctor Street. Three units involved as E10 arrives. Fire through roof shortly after arrival. Code 2, upgraded to Code 3. E10, E3 with hand lines into structure, then T1 deployed for defensive operations. E10, E3, T1, R7, C52, E1, E12, T1, C51, R6, E2. [MF] (September 18, 1997)mjlr

Raleigh firefighters take top honors in "Toughest Firefighter Alive" competition in Charlotte, part of the North Carolina Fire and Police Olympics. First place awarded to Raleigh Team 1, second place awarded to Raleigh Team 2. (September, 1997)no

EMD program started at emergency communications center. (Fall 1997)rfd

Two alarms at 2201 Spring Forest Road. Code 1 on arrival, then Code 2, then Code 3. E15, E19, T15, R7, C51; SR5, C53, C5, E11 RIT; E4, E9, T11, R6, C2; C3, C4, WC 1, C198. [MF] (December 9, 1997)mjlr

Two alarms at 178 Mine Lake Court. Dispatched 20:28. Originated on deck, confined to unit of origin. E4, E9, T15, R6, C51 (1st), E15, E18, T1, C52, R7 (2nd). [MF] (December 14, 1997)mjlr

Two alarms at 2700 Lakeview Drive burned. Large house under construction. Second alarm on arrival. E9, E16, T16, R6, C51, E16, T4, T1, R7, C53, SR5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C10, C198. Special called T8 and E14. Overnight fire, with companies remaining on scene all day next day. New recruits also on scene. [MF] (December 19, 1997)lw, mjlr

Vehicle note: Car 46, a 1998 Ford F series fuel truck is moved or placed in service at Station 15. (December 1997)rfd

Insurance Services Organization (ISO) graded city. (December 1997)rfd

Apparatus delivered:

  • 1997 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 7 on April 8, 1997
  • 1997 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 2 on April 15, 1997
  • 1997 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 5 on June 5, 1997
  • 1997 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 9 on August 11, 1997
  • 1997 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 3 by August 16, 1997
  • 1997 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 12 on August 27, 1997
    Photos and more information.


Apparatus notes:

  • Mini 17 is removed from service and moved to Station 9.
  • Mini 9 is returned to service.
  • The confined space rescue trailer is moved from Station 17 to Station 20. (January 7, 1998)rfd

Two alarms at 900 S. Boylan Avenue. McBryde Building at Dorothea Dix Hospital. Fire on third floor, in single bedroom. Heavy smoke throughout building. One subject transported with burns. E13, E2, T1, R6, C52, E1, E20, T8, R7, C53, C1, C2, C3, C5, C10, C12, SR5. [MF] (January 9, 1998)lw

Two alarms at 4001 Deep Hollow Drive. Hollows Apartments. Dispatched 2:58 p.m. Starts in attic above end unit, and spreads over three other second-floor units. Fire under control by 3:30 p.m. Four units damaged. E17, E14, T16, R6, C53, SR5, E16, E8, T8, R7, C52, E8, C2, C3, C5, C10, C12, special call E6. Overnight fire watch with Mini 9 then Mini 3. [MF] (January 30, 1998)no31jan98, lw

Two alarms at 9401 Glenwood Avenue. Angus Barn. Fire above kitchen with extension into roof and attic. E17, E14, E16, T16, T8, R6, R7, C53, C51, SR5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C10, C198; Durham Highway E2, E3, T9, Tanker 8; Six Forks E126; Bay Leaf and Fairgrounds to Durham Highway for coverage; E13 to 17 for coverage. [MF] (February 1, 1998)lw

Two alarms at 1302 E. Millbrook Road. Quail Corners Shopping Center. Dispatched about midnight. Fire through roof on arrival. Truck 11 operating as aerial stream. Andy's Pizza suffers fire damage. Other businesses suffer smoke damage. Believed started by electrical outlet in kitchen. E15, E11, T15, C51, R6, SR5, E9, E19, E17, T11, R7, C52, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C198, C12, E12 special called, E13 to 15, E7 to 11 [MF] (February 8, 1998)lw, no10feb98

Two alarms at 207 Loft Lane. Dispatched 19:06. Damage confined to one unit. Caused by electrical short. E9, E4, T15, R6, C51 (1st), E16, E15, T16, R7 (2nd). (February 24, 1998.)mjlr

Two alarms at 2800 Dillmark. Apartment building. [MF] (March 5, 1998)

Two alarms at 6808 Whispering Pines. Dispatched 22:33. E18, E17, T16, R6, C53; E16, E9, R7, T15, SR5, C51, C5; E4 RIT, C2, C3, C10. [MF] (March 17, 1998)mjlr

Two alarms at 3208 Spotswood Street. Dispatched 2:15 a.m. Code 3 fire in commercial structure. Fire in small office cubicle on warehouse (?) floor. Sprinkler head activated. Heavy smoke throughout. Fire contained to office area, started by an office computer. First alarm: E19, E15, T15, C51, E9. Second: E11, E4, T11, R6, R7, C52, C5, SR5, C198. [MF] (March 30, 1998)mjlr

Two alarms at 1500 Mary Francis Place. Two alarms. Dispatched 2:15 a.m. Code 3 on arrival at a four-unit, two-story apartment complex. Totally involved on side of first and second floor units. Crews take hand lines into structure, to protect the other two units. Also used for exposures and extinguish fires in wooded area. Truck 8 deployed, crews withdrawn, and fire darkened down with aerial stream. Crews re-entered to control and extinguish. First alarm: E8, E20, T8, R6, C53. Second: E5, E6, E14, T1, R7, C52, SR5, C5, C1, C3, C4, C10, C198. E18 for relief, E13 to 8, E4 to 1. [MF] (March 30, 1998)lw, mjlr

Response to working structure fires changed from one to two truck companies. (April 15, 1998)rfd

Recruit academy #21 graduated 35 firefighters. The academy started on October 27, 1997 and lasted 24 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted in Pittman Auditorium at Saint Mary's College. (May 1, 1998)rfd

Two alarms at 5645 Western Boulevard. Two alarms. Scramble Dog Inn. Dispatched at 1:44 a.m. Fully-involved on arrival of Engine 8. Code 2. Heavy smoke coming from eaves and gables, with heavy fire concentrated in basement. Fire intensified quickly and second alarm was requested. About eight hand lines used, attempting interior attack into basement and first floor. Fire was too intense for crews to remain in side, and Truck 1 was deployed in the rear, as an aerial stream. Collapse conditions of roof into first floor, and first floor into basement, also made interior operations unsafe. First alarm: E8, T8, E14, R7, C53, T1. Second: E5, E20, T15, SR5, C5, C52, C1, C3, C4, C10, C12, C198. Relief: E18, E7, E1, E10. Coverage: E13 to 8. Companies stayed all morning and into afternoon. Mini 9 for evening watch. [MF] (May 4, 1998)yb02+, lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 209 S. Wilmington Street. Code 2. Second alarm requested, for stand by. Retail store with heavy smoke coming from roof. Heavy fire found on first floor. Fire confined to first floor, with heavy smoke and heat damage to second and third floors. Retail stores at 207 and 211 Wilmington with smoke damage. Vertical ventilation to 209 and 211 Wilmington. First alarm: E1, E3, R7, C52, T8, then C5, SR5, C53. Second: E13, E5, T16, R6, C51, C4, C3. Plus: E6 and E11 to scene for relief. (May 22, 1998)mjlr

Station 21 opened at 5621 Southall Road. Engine 21 placed in service with 1975 Mack pumper. Photos and more information. (June 15, 1998)yb02+, no07jul98

Station 22 opened at 9350 Durant Road. Engine 22 placed in service with 1985 Pirsch pumper. Photos and more information. (July 31, 1998)yb02+, no07jul98

Chemical spill at Williams Hall at North Carolina State University. Sulfuric acid and ammonia leak, E5, E13, T8, R7, E8, HM20, SR5, C52, C5, C2, C10, C73, SR20, E14 to 8, special called E15 and T15. [HM] (August 12, 1998)lw

Hurricane Bonnie struck southern North Carolina, eye of Category 3 storm making landfall near Wilmington with 115 mph winds at 11:00 a.m. Eye passes southeast of Raleigh with 85 mph winds about 7:00 a.m. [WE] (August 27, 1998)wral

Recruit academy #22 graduated 20 firefighters. The academy started on August 17and lasted 7 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the City Council Chambers. (October 2, 1998)rfd

Apparatus note: Rescue 7 moved to Station 21. (October 14, 1998)rfd

Two alarms at 400 Fayetteville Street Mall. Sir Walter Apartments. Dispatched 2:46 p.m. Nothing showing on arrival. Fire found in single room on ninth floor. Changed to Code 3 on arrival of Car 5. Additional truck, plus rescue and air truck added to first alarm assignment. Engine 13 hooked to standpipe system on Davie Street. Fire confined to one apartment. One sprinkler head activated in hallway, containing fire to apartment origin. Four residents transported for minor injuries. Twenty-three residents displaced mainly due to water in electrical fixtures in their apartments. Water from sprinkler damaged apartments on sixth, seventh, eighth, and nine floors. Red Cross and Wake County Major Logistics on scene, and made arrangements with Sheraton Capital Center Hotel for lodging for displaced residents for the night, at no charge. Cause determined as accidental. First alarm: E1, E13, T1, C5, then C52, C51, T11, R6 completing first alarm. Second alarm E2, E6, T8, R21, SR 5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C198, C90, C71, C72, five EMS units, EMS 103, EMS 105. E16 and C53 to 1, T15 to 11. [MF] (October 15, 1998)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 4744 Courtney Lane. Dispatched 12:41 a.m. Code 3. Fire found in attic space of two units. Hand lines brought into two apartments, to stop fire spread in attic. Apartment of origin gutted. Other apartments damaged. Caused by five year-old playing with cigarette lighter, which ignited sofa. Three families. First alarm: E19, 11, T15, R21, T1, C51. Second: E9, 4, T8, R6, C52, SR5, C5, C2, C3. Later E19, E11, T11, C51 returned to extinguish spot fires after checking structure. Mini 9 stood by until 0600. [MF] (October 24, 1998)mjlr

Two alarms at 6601 Lake Hill Drive. TThe Lakes Apartments. Dispatched just before midnight as electrical investigation. Code 1 upgraded to Code 2, then upgraded to Code 3. Fire contained to apartment of origin, with heavy damage. Caused by lamp touching combustible materials in bedroom. Smoke damage to other units. First alarm: E15, E9, T15, T11, C51, C5, SR5. Second: E4, E19, T8, R6, C3, C1, R21, C198, C2. [MF] (December 5, 1998)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 2800 Kidd Road. Assisted living facility. Dispatched as fire alarm. E12 arriving with nothing showing, then advised Code 2. Shortly thereafter, upgraded to Code 3. Extinguished room and contents with two hand lines. Heavy heat and smoke damage to west wing, and moderate smoke damage to center wing. All 51 residents relocated by Wake EMS, Red Cross, and Wake County Public Safety. Caused by occupant smoking, setting clothes on fire, and attempting to hide cigarette butt in closet. First alarm: E12, E7, T11, R21, C51. Second: E3, E1, T1, R6, C53, C5, SR5, C12, T8. [MF] (December 10, 1998)mjlr

Gasoline tanker exploded and burned on Beltline just west of Capital Boulevard. Late-evening accident kills driver when abandoned vehicle is struck jutting from shoulder. Residents in nearby Brentwood hear explosion; hear smoke detectors go off from wafting smoke. Adjacent brush also burns and is contained by engine companies at Highwoods Office Park, above incident. County departments provide tankers for water support; RDU CFR sends crash truck. Fire burns both at crash site and at bottom of storm-drain slope. Firefighters let same burn itself out. Gasoline tanker with 9,100 gallons of gas explodes and burns on Beltline just west of Capital Boulevard. Late-evening accident kills driver when abandoned vehicle is struck jutting from shoulder. Residents in nearby Brentwood hear explosion; hear smoke detectors go off from wafting smoke. Adjacent brush also burns and is contained by engine companies at Highwoods Office Park, above incident. County departments provide tankers for water support; RDU CFR sends crash truck. Fire burns both at crash site and at bottom of storm-drain slope. Firefighters let same burn itself out. E11, E7, E9, T11, E12, F12, HM20, SR20, E4, T1, E5, C51, C53, C52, C73, C3, C198. Mutual aid tankers from Western Wake, Garner, Knightdale, and Six Forks. [UF] [TF] (December 18, 1998)no20dec98, lw

Three alarms at 5046 Falls of Neuse Road. Quail Corners Shopping Center. Dispatched 10:25 a.m. Reported after storekeepers see smoke in heating ducts and smell smoke in other stores. Fire started in second-floor storage room of Eckerd Drugs. Controlled in about two hours. T15, E15, E9, R6, C51, T11. Second alarm: E11, E19, T16, SR5, C1, C2, C3, C4, C12, C53, C198. Third alarm: E16, E13, T8, then E5, E10, E2, T1 special called, then E1, E8, E7. Coverage: E14 to 9, E21 to 19. [MF] (December 28, 1998)no29dec98, lw

Raleigh Fire Department received Education Institution status from the state Office of Emergency Medical Services and begins conducting its own EMT certification and recertification classes. (1998)chb

Apparatus delivered: 

  • 1998 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 1 on June 30, 1998
  • 1998 Pierce Saber pumper, placed in service as Engine 13
    Photos and more information.


Two alarms at 5000-F Sedgewick Drive. Two alarms. Dominion on Spring Forest Apartments. Dispatched 6:50 p.m. Fire in second floor apartment, venting through roof along ridge vent. Controlled in about 40 minutes. Heavy damage to apartment of origin and attic. Smoke and water damage to seven other units. Fire started in kitchen. First alarm: E19, E15, T15, T11, R21, C51. Second: E11, E21, T8, R6, C52, SR5, C5, C1, C2, C3, C10. Coverage: E6 and T8 to 11, E13 to 15. [MF] (January 4, 1999)lw, no05jan99, mjlr

Two alarms at 1750 Lake Wheeler Road. Market Exchange Building at State Farmer's Market. Dispatch about 7:00 p.m. Heavy flames and smoke from roof on arrival. Controlled in about an hour. Ten businesses displaced. E2, E13, T1, T8, R6, C52, E1, E20, T1, R21, C53, SR5, C3, C198, E5, E16, E15 to 1, relief companies E9 and E19 later in night. [MF] (January 24, 1999)lw, no25jan99

Two alarms at 3051 Lake Woodard Drive. Timberlake Apartments. Code 3. Fire in attic space of a three-story, wood-frame apartment building. Fire started in electric heating unit. Five units with water damage. First alarm: E11, E7, T11, R21, C51, T1. Second alarm: E21, E12, T8, R6, C5, SR5. Plus: C1, C3, C4, C5. While performing overhaul, companies dispatched to second building for a grease fire in a kitchen. [MF] (January 31, 1999)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 1817 Capital Boulevard burned. Adult establishment, Foxy Lady. Dispatched 1:44 a.m., arrived 1.48 a.m. Code 2. One-story commercial structure, night club. Heavy fire showing from attic on arrival. Fire extinguished with single hand line. Second alarm called for manpower. E11, E7, T11, T1, R21, C52, second alarm: E1, E13, T15, R6, C52, SR5, C1, C3, C4, C5, C198. [MF] (February 1, 1999)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 400 Fayetteville Street Mall. Sir Walter Raleigh Apartments. Dispatched 9:25 a.m. Code 3 on arrival. Fire on fifth floor, venting through one outside window. E1 and E13 used one hand line to control fire, contained to one apartment. T1 ventilated. T8, E5, E3, R21, R6 assisted with checking for extension and removing occupants from areas affected by smoke. First alarm: E1, E13, T1, C52, R21, T8. Second: E3, E5, T11, R6, C51, SR5, C5. Plus: C1, C3, C5, SR5, C198. [MF] (February 6, 1999)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 3015 Lake Woodard Drive. Apartments. Dispatched 3:49 p.m., arrived 3:52 p.m. One unit fully involved. Fire contained to apartment of origin. Heavy damage to first and second floor. Caused by pot on stove. First alarm: E11, E21, T11, T1, R21, C52. Second: E7, E12, T8, R6, C53, SR5, C1, C3, C4, C5, C198. Second alarm companies not used. (March 4, 1999)lw

Two alarms at 3801 Spring Forest Road. Science building at E. Millbrook Middle School. Dispatched about 5:45 p.m. as smoke investigation. Engine 15 arriving with nothing showing, then upgraded. Flames soon breaking through roof of one-story building. One FF transported with broken hand. E15, E19, E21, T15, R21, C51, E5, E9, E4, T8, T11, R6, C52, SR5, C1, C4, C5, C198, C10, C12, E11, E7, and relief companies E14, E18, T16. Overnight watch and relief: E12 then E6. [MF] (May 4, 1999)no05may99, lw

Boylan Apartments unit explodes and burned. Dispatched about 10:00 p.m. Fire is out and "the occupant, although badly burned, declined all but the most basic medical attention." Cause blamed on illegal drug laboratory. [UF] (May 8, 1999)no

Apartments at 4545 Hargrove Road burned. Two alarms. Dispatched 3:53 a.m. Fire through roof in middle apartments. Controlled in 40 minutes. Suspected cause smoldering barbecue grill charcoal left on deck. Four units damaged, four families displaced. [MF] (June 8, 1999)lw, no09jun99, mjlr

Three alarms  at 601 Creekside Drive. Thompson-Cadillac-Olds body shop. Dispatched 2:35 a.m. Started as vehicle fire inside body shop, by electrical short from alternator. First alarm: E11, E6, E9, E7, T11, R6, C51. Second: E5, E13, T1, R21, C52. Third: E12, E9, T8, C53, SR5, C2, C3, C4. [MF] (July 16, 1999)lw, mjlr

Three alarms at 4400 Tealford Court. Cameron Square Apartments. Dispatched 12:38 p.m. Heavy fire through roof on arrival. Two firefighters treated for heat exhaustion. E17, E14, E16, T16, R6, C53, E9, E15, E8, T8, R21, SR5, C52, C3, C4, E20, E18, C198, Durham Highway E3, Six Forks E121, 125. [MF] (July 31, 1999)lw, no01aug99, mjlr

Chief Sandy retired. (July 1, 1999)rfd

Earl F. Fowler appointed fifteenth Fire Chief, serves 1999 to present. Fowler joined the fire department in 1971. (August 2, 1999)

Tropical Storm Dennis struck eastern North Carolina, eye making landfall at southeastern coast with 70 mph winds at 3:00 p.m. Eye of storm passes northeast of Raleigh around 1:00 a.m. [WE] (September 5, 1999)wral

Hurricane Floyd struck eastern North Carolina, eye of Category 2 storm making landfall near Wilmington, NC, with 110 mph winds at 3:00 a.m. Eye of storm passes east of Raleigh around 9:00 a.m. [WE] (September 16, 1999)wral

Two alarms at 8111 Creedmoor Road. [MF] (September 30, 1999)

Two alarms at Shaw University. Fire in sofa in lobby area of fifth floor. Heavy smoke throughout upper floors of building. Extinguished with fire extinguishers. Fire knocked down quickly and second alarm returned to service. Downgraded to Code 2. (October 15, 1999)mjlr

Two alarms at 501 Oakwood Avenue. Two-story dwelling, under renovation, fully-involved. Truck 1 flowing. Damage to exposures on each side. One FF transported for burns on hand. First alarm: E7, E3, E1, T1, R6, C52, SR5, C5, special call E13. Second: E5, E20, T11, R21, C51, C2, C3, C1, special call E11. Overnight: E4. [MF] (November 3, 1999)lw, mjlr

Two alarms at 1818 Gorman Street. Pine Village Apartments. Heavy fire in single unit on third floor. E20, E8, E5, T8, R6, C53, E13, E14, T1, R21, C52, C2, C3, C5, SR5, C198. Downgraded to Code 2. (November 4, 1999)lw

Recruit academy #23 graduated 36 firefighters. The academy started on June 7 and lasted 26 weeks. The graduation ceremony is conducted at the New Hope Baptist Church. (December 3, 1999)rfd

Apparatus note: Rescue 21 moved to Station 19. (December 5, 1999)rfd

Station 15 addition completed. Rear doors added to apparatus bay. Required as 1988 Pierce Arrow Snorkel, soon to be reassigned to Truck 15, cannot fit through front doors. Millbrook Exchange Park access road curbing also modified to expedite exit from station rear. Photos and more information.

Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) changed from second truck company to third engine company on all structure fire responses, allowing for faster RIT responses.

Apparatus notes:

  • 1980 Mack / 1957 American LaFrance tractor-drawn aerial removed from service and subsequently sold. Truck is later purchased and placed in service by Wendell Fire Department.

Apparatus delivered:

  • 1999 American LaFrance Eagle aerial platform, placed in service as Truck 1 on April 12, 1999
  • 1999 Quality/ Spartan MetroStar pumper, placed in service as Engine 8
  • 2000 Ford Expedition, placed in service as Car 51. Same is the first sport-utility vehicle for the fire department. Sport-utility vehicles are subsequently adopted for all District Chiefs. Photos and more information.


[AA]   Aircraft accident
[AI]   Apparatus incident
[EF]   Early fire
[HM]   Haz-mat incident
[MA]   Mutual Aid
[MF]   Major fire
[RA   Railway accident
[TF]   Tanker fire
[TR]   Technical rescue
[UD]   USAR deployment
[UF]   Unusual fire
[UI]   Unusual incident
[WE]   Weather event


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