How to Easily Monitor Raleigh City Council Minutes & Agendas… And News Releases

Here’s an easy means of monitoring Raleigh City Council minutes and agendas, and/or news releases for mention of your favorite topics. Say, the fire department:

  1. Sign up for the MyRaleigh Subscriptions service.
  2. Select such options as City Council, News Releases, and NewsCor.
  3. City Council minutes will arrive as email messages with links to Word documents. Click the links to open the documents, and use the FIND feature in Word to search for such words as “fire”.
  4. City Council agendas will be announced via email. You’ll have to navigate to the linked page, and then browse for the necessary link, typically labeled “First Tues Regular and Evening Sessions” or such. (These emails don’t contain direct document links. Mildly user unfriendly.)
  5. New releases will be linked in a weekly (Friday) compilation titled City of Raleigh Newsletter.
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