Two Alarms on Southern Magnolia Drive

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Two alarms were struck on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 4937 Southern Magnolia Drive. Dispatched 12:22 p.m. for Burgundy Star Drive and Southern Magnolia Drive. Reported explosion and multiple townhomes burning. Upgraded to working fire while units were en route.

Was just up the street from Station 21, whose engine was out of quarters. Squad 7 and Engine 27 arrived about the same time, with Engine 27 taking water supply and Squad 7 starting fire attack. Hydrant found right beside Squad 7.

Heavy fire on the rear corner of an end unit, with extension to upper floors and into attic. Three (four?) handlines taken inside. Ladder 12 (on reserve) and Ladder 15 with aerials to the roof, with cuts made in the roof.

Second-alarm requested about ten [?] minutes into the incident, units directed to stage at Station 21. Controlled 12:58 p.m. One family displaced. Most (all?) second-alarm companies soon released.

Run Card

First alarm: E27, E19, Sq7, E26, L12, L15, R16, B5, B2, ISO14
Working fire: DC1, B1, A28, Chief Investigator
Added: B3
Second alarm: E1, E9, E28, L1, L6
Also on scene: OFM Chief, Prof. Dev. Chief, and other staff from both divisions.
Medical: EMS60, EMS40, EMS__, D4, others?


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