Two Alarms on Logger Court

See more photos by Mike Legeros.

Two alarms were struck on Friday night, January 21, 2023, at 1100 Logger Court in north Raleigh. Two-story, garden-style, office condo building with 3,600 square-feet, if calculating correctly. Built 1981, say tax records.

Dispatched 10:02 p.m. as a multiple residential structure fire at the intersection of Falls of Neuse Road and Carlos Drive. Engine 15 first-arriving with fire showing through the roof of what initially appeared to be a residential structure. Engine 19 with supply line from hydrant at Falls of Neuse and Logger Court.

Interior attack, with two lines taken into the second-floor of a rear unit. One of the lines started leaking, due to fire damage, and that crew was backed out to the breezeway. Subsequent partial collapse of the roof, over the fire unit. Also at least one exterior line deployed, to protect exposures. 

Ladder 15 positioned and raised in the front of building, but used just for lighting. Ladder 4 deployed in the back of building, in a parking lot from Ridgefield Drive, and flowed water. Supplied by Engine 4, from a hydrant at Ridgefield and Spring Forest Road [?].

Medical monitoring and rehab by Wake County EMS, in the parking lot on the northeast side of the structure. Decon of firefighter PPE at Engine 15. 

Special call for additional two engines. Upgraded by command to full second-alarm assignment, which added three more engines and two ladders. 

Controlled 10:43 p.m. Extended overhaul, extinguishing hot spots. First pic about eight minutes into incident. 

Run card included:

First alarm:
E15, L15, E4, L4, B5, E19, E9, R16, B1, SO14

Working fire:
DC1, Air28, INV1
D3, EMS12, T1

E11, E22

Second alarm:
L22, E18, E27, E17, L6

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