Two Alarms on Aileen Drive

Pre-arrival picture via Joel Brown on Twitter @JoelBrownABC11, of last night’s two-alarm apartment fire in Raleigh at 3121 Aileen Drive. Dispatched 6:00 p.m. Engine 20 arriving with heavy fire showing, and people “jumping out of windows” said radio traffic.

Second alarm at ~6:09 p.m. Plus two EMS alarm assignments, for potential for numerous patients. Controlled 6:28 p.m. Three units heavily damaged. Sixteen people displaced. Minor injuries to some residents. Cause determined as accidental, resident with gasoline used to start a fire in a fireplace.

Run card: E20, E8, E2, E5, L7, L4, R1, B3, B2 (1A), A2, C20, C402 (WF), E13, E3, Sq14, L8, L3 (2A), Car 4; EMS51 (1A), EMS 33, D1 (WF), EMS 55, EMS 32, M92, D5 (alarm 1), EMS 52, EMS 54, M92, D4 (alarm 2), T1, EMS 200, Ops Chief.

See Legeros photos, from the aftermath.

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