Two Alarms on Crossroads Arbor Way

Evening update: See Legeros photos.

Two alarms were struck yesterday at 1723 Crossroads Arbor Way. Two-story, garden-style apartment building with sixteen units and 10,656 square-feet. Built 1999.

Dispatched 2:19 p.m. Upgraded to working fire while companies were en route, based on caller information. Swift Creek Car 1 first-arriving, followed by Swift Creek Engine 1. Fire found on end unit, and quickly spread to common attic, with strong winds contributing to the fire spread. 

Three aerials into the air, with Ladder 7 with soon operating, with interior crews withdrawn, and the bulk of the fire knocked down. Then crews re-entered apartments from the opposite end of the building. Ground monitor and hand lines used for exposure protection.

WTVD image

Controlled 3:19 p.m. Crews remained on scene for a number of hours for overhaul. Cause determined as accidental, from improperly discarded smoking materials. Sixteen apartment units rendered uninhabitable. No damage to exposures. No injuries. Twenty-three people displaced. Several pets also rescued. 

Hydrant locations:

  • Crossroads Arbor Way, east side, right front corner of fire building, SCFD E1, supplying hand lines and L7 (initially?).
  • Jones Franklin Road, west side, north of Crossroads Boulevard, with supply line through fence access gate, E5 supplying L7.
  • Crossroads Arbor Way, east side, just west of intersection with Crossroads Crest Way, E1 supplying hand lines.
  • Crossroads Vista Way, east side, halfway between intersecting streets, E2 supplying L8.

Mike Legeros photo

Run card:

  • First alarm: E8, Sq14, E2, E1, L7, L8, R1, B5, SCFD E1, C1
  • Working fire: C20, C402 (investigator), A2
  • Second alarm: E5, E15, E10, E20, L3, L1, B4, plus E20, L4, responding from training
  • Plus: C3, C4, C14 (safety officer), C401 (chief investigator), C54
  • Relief: E22, L24, L9
  • EMS: TBD

Historical note. Though a different building burned, these apartments were scene of an earlier major fire on December 28, 2011. Two alarms, midday. And strong winds also contributing to fire spread. See Legeros photos from 2011.

Mike Legeros photos

Mike Legeros photos

See more photos.

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