Apex Public Safety Station 6

Here’s another update on future fire stations in Wake County. Design drawings and site plans for Apex Public Safety 6, under construction at 1206 Wimberly Road. Joint fire and police facility, single-story, two bays.

And designed to help address some of the pressing issues facing today’s fire service: occupational cancer, behavioral health, and inclusion. Thus there’s a decon transition area between the apparatus bay and station living areas. Also interior finishes were chosen to make the facility more of a fire “house” than a fire “station.” And the facility was designed to provide as much shared social space as feasible, while still providing an appropriate amount of seclusion as needed. Bravo!

Here’s the project description from the town’s budget page: “Public Safety Station 6 ($6,500,000) […] will provide fire and emergency services to the White Oak Basin and Green Level areas of Apex. Development trends indicate construction of 2,100 new homes will occur in this area within the next few years. Response times from Fire Station 3 do not meet our standards due to the physical distance from the station to the area. This station will feature a new design to meet the needs of both fire and police departments. Station 6 will house a new engine and 12-14 fire personnel.”

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