Drawings of Cary’s New Engine 5

Our friends at the Cary Fire Department share these drawings of their new Engine 5, a 2016 Pierce Enforcer, 1500/500, that’s due in late summer. Features include:

  • New York-style hose bed
  • Lowered cross lays
  • Ladders stored with the 24-foot to the outside
  • High-rise pack storage on the passenger side
  • New York hooks mounted to the back of the cab
  • Water can stored in passenger side hose well.

Click once or twice to enlarge:



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  1. Some additional details, from the FY2016 adopted Capital Improvements Budget…

    Fire Pumper Replacement – #1957
    Funding – $650,000

    This project provides for the scheduled replacement of pumper truck #1957 which has been in service since 2003. Class A fire engine pumpers are designed to transport five firefighters, equipment, 500 gallons of water and 2,000 feet of fire hose. Pumper trucks have an effective life use expectancy of fifteen years. The $650,000 FY 2016 appropriation fully funds this vehicle replacement. A determination will be made during FY 2016 as to whether the replacement vehicle will be housed at Station 5 or Station 6.

    Based on input from the Town’s Fleet Management division regarding current operating costs, down time, availability of parts and major component failure, the Fire Department has shifted toward replacing these apparatus at 12 years of front line service and moving the replaced apparatus to reserve status for 5 years for a total service life of 17 years. The Fire department and Fleet Management division manage apparatus in a manner that maintains a ready state, maximizes service life and minimizes major repair issues and their associated costs.

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