Fewer Fires, More Firefighters? Marketing Challenges in the Fire Service

Now that’s a great title for a conference talk, isn’t?

Saw the below statements in a Huffington Post piece on the subject of “universal basic income.” It imagines a visitor to our planet trying to make sense of how humans spend their time, and notably with regard to work, the pursuit of income, and advancements impacting both.

This excerpt contains an increasingly popular line of layman thought: if there are far fewer fires, why are there far more firefighters? And says Mr. Blogger, that might be the top marketing challenge in today’s fire service.

How would you answer this one? Either as written (which includes labor unions as a factor) or at any more generalized level?

Second question, does the fire service need more marketing these days, to better inform both the general public and more educated thinkers? What would be your approach? Please discuss!

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