Five Alarms in Downtown Raleigh – Moved to New Site

March 26
This posting and its content has been moved to a dedicated page on the Raleigh Fire Museum web site.

Head over to


March 22
WNCN news links added, more suppression details, incident notes formatted, canteen service added, need to add to diagram “A/B/C/D explanation.”

March 21
Added more news links, more damage details and times, etc. 

March 20
Adding more photo and video links, more details to the incident details, etc.

March 19
Added more incident notes.

March 18
Let’s add some news and media links…

March 17
Five alarms were struck last night, at 400 West North Street in downtown Raleigh. Largest  downtown fire in decades. Lots to report. See run card on this new site.

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  1. Mike, were any fire apparatus damaged by the heat or falling debris? Also great job RFD , listened to the radio traffic,Command and all involved performed outstanding. Everybody went home and no loss of life, hope the firefighter with the injury is doing OK. Mike, awesome photos and you did one heck of a job putting together the blog post as well.

    • Engine 13 sustained some heat damage, including many light lenses. Heard their hose cover was damaged, and some sections of hose. Also some equipment inside a compartment. They pulled their booster line, to cool the engine. Ladder 4, on reserve, had some melting of a lightbar, on the back.

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