New Oshkosh Striker 3000 Delivered at Airport

On Thursday morning, a new crash truck was delivered to Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The 2016 Oshkosh Striker 3000, 2000/3200/420/450#/460# plus Snozzle is first new ARFF rig since 2000, and the first lime apparatus in a quarter century.

The truck was purchased with 85% of funding from federal and state sources, and thus the safety yellow color. Which is a requirement of the program. Designated CFR 4, it will replace a 2000 Oshkosh T-3000, 1950/3000/420/450#. The airport is evaluating retaining the older truck as a reserve rig.

Here’s a video of the apparatus being unloaded:

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And a posed picture, before it was moved into a bay at the maintenance building.

See more photos, from both Legeros and RDU Fire-Rescue. Next steps including receiving and mounting equipment, and training of personnel from Oshkosh reps.

Read more about the truck and it’s features, in our prior posting.

Historical Perspective

Click once or twice to enlarge:

Photo credits, top to bottom, left to right: Durham Morning Herald, Lee Wilson, News & Observer, RDU Fire-Rescue, Dale Johnson, Lee Wilson, Pete Brock.

By my count, this is the tenth crash truck delivered to the airport:

  • 1946 International/Bean, likely Army Class 125, with high-pressure 50-60 GPM pump, 300/20 f.
  • 1969 International/Ansul Magnum 480 dry-chemical unit, 1350#/200 l.w.
  • 1959 Walter Class 1500, 1500/950/200 f. (obtained circa 1970)
  • 1973 Walter CB3000, 1500/300/500 f. (later rehabbed by CRES in 1990)
  • 1977 Walter B1500, 1000/1500/180 f. (later rehabbed by CRES in 1990)
  • 1989/1977 CRES/Walter B1500 , specs. TBD
  • 2000 Oshkosh TI-1500, 1500/1500/210 f./450#
  • 2000 Oshkosh TI-1500, 1500/1500/210 f./450#
  • 2000 Oshkosh TI-3000, 1950/3000/420 f./450#.

Not counting mini-pumpers and smaller trucks with dry chemical equipment:

  • 1952 Chevrolet pick-up with dry-chemical equipment, 450#/50 l.w.
  • 1959 Chevrolet pick-up with dry-chemical equipment, 400#
  • 1966 Chevrolet pick-up with dry-chemical equipment, 400#
  • 1979 Chevrolet/Reading/Ansul rescue truck with dry-chemical unit, 450#/50 l.w.
  • 1991 Ford/E-One mini-pumper, 250/200/30 f.
  • 2001 Ford F-550/4 Guys mini-pumper, 500/250/20 f.

Read more history.

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