Raleigh City Council Ratifies Purchase of Properties for Fire Stations 14 and 30

Here’s an administrative detail that the Raleigh City Council recently resolved, ratifying the prior purchases of two future fire station sites: Station 14 on Harden Road and Station 30 on Ronald Drive. Here’s our blog post with the latest information about the Station 14 project. As for Station 30, that’s an in-fill station that’s planned for the near future. Believe funding will be sought in FY19.

From the recently published minutes (PDF) to the April 5, 2017, Budget Work Session Minutes of the Raleigh City Council:

The City assembled properties on Harden Road and Ronald Drive for the replacement of Fire Station 14 and construction of future Fire Station 30, respectively. For Fire Station 14, staff received Council authorization to purchase 3510 Harden Road during the City Council meeting on September 16, 2014. Although property at 3500 Harden Road and 3504 Harden Road was approved as part of the 2012-13 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) in June of 2012, the purchase of these lots was not explicitly authorized by the City Council. 

For Fire Station 30, the property at 1514 Ronald Drive was also approved in the 2012-13 CIP in June of 2012, but the purchase was not explicitly authorized by City Council. Staff reviewed all properties and found them to have met the search parameters for Fire Stations 14 and 30. Staff recommends ratification of the previous property acquisitions at this time. 

Recommendation: Ratify the purchase of 3500 Harden Road and 3504 Harden Road for the purchased price of $410,000 and $325,000, respectively, for Fire Station 14; and, the purchase of 1514 Ronald Drive for the purchased price of $450,000 for Fire Station 30. Upheld on Consent Agenda Baldwin/Thompson – 7 ayes (Mayor absent and excused).

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