Three Alarms on Water Oak Drive

Three alarms were struck in north Raleigh on Monday, May 11, 2022, at 3900 Water Oak Drive. Three-story, wood-frame apartment building with 12,760 square-feet and 16 units, if reading tax records correctly. Dispatched 8:49 p.m. with Engine 19 first-arriving, with heavy fire in the front of the structure. Second alarm requested within a couple minutes.

See photos by Mike Legeros | Listen to radio traffic

Transitional attack, with crews going inside after knocking down the exterior flames. Two occupants rescued. As heavy fire conditions extended to and through the roof, crews were evacuated while aerial operations were set-up. Ladder 4 (on reserve) deployed to rear of structure, with master stream to the roof. Ladder 15 later deployed from west side of building, for roof access.

Mike Legeros photo

Two hydrants were caught on New Hope Road, one just east of Water Oak, and another closer to Louisburg Road. One engine each boosting pressure, plus a third engine supplying Ladder 4, if memory serves correctly. Third hydrant was caught on Water Oak, north of the fire building, but wasn’t charged.

Units staged on both Water Oak and New Hope road, the latter of which was closed between Capital Boulevard and Louisburg Road.

Third alarm dispatched about 9:49 p.m. Seventeen residents displaced. Controlled at 10:37 p.m. Thanks to Lee Wilson for real-time incident updates. Photographer arrived about 10 minutes into incident. Google for the various news reports.

Mike Legeros photo

Run Card

1st alarm: E19, E15, E27, E21, L15, L12, R16, B1, B5, SO14
Working fire: DC1, INV1, A10, B2
Added: E11
2nd alarm: E28, E9, L4, L1, Sq7
3rd alarm: E26, E25, E2, L23
Also: Operations Chief, Logistics Chief, Chief Fire Investigator, Chief Safety Officer

EMS31, D6
EMS11, EMS12, D3
EMS48, EMS50, EMS52, EMS78, D9, Chief 200

^ Transcribed from radio dispatches. Excluding EMS T1 and EVAC1, which did not respond. Corrections welcome!

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