Two Alarms on Navaho Drive

Two alarms were struck on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, at 833 Navaho Drive. Dispatched 4:39 a.m. as vehicle fire for Engine 11. Upgraded with structure fire response for E9, E15, E16, S14, L2, L1, B1 added.

Ladder 2 was first-arriving with fire showing in the rear of a two-story apartment building, garden-style, apartment building with eleven units and 11,770. Built 1968. Fire was extending from a burning pick-up truck to the outside of the building, and in the area of a gas meter.

Initial fire companies worked on searching the impacted units, and evacuating the entire resident. Due to limited access and a long supply lines from hydrants, Engine 9 supplied lines for the initial fire attack, with Engine 11 nurse feeding, until the water supply was established. 

A second alarm was requested, which added E12, E21, E19, L8, B4, B3.  Plus working fire units C20, C402, and Air 1. Plus a box alarm for EMS, for displaced persons.

Engine 9, Engine 11, and Ladder 2 remained on scene, due to a natural gas leak that continued to burn, after the building fire was extinguished. 

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