Wilmington’s Foam Trailers

Did you know that the Wilmington Fire Department has a foam task force, for use at the fuel tank farms at the Port of Wilmington? The assets are:

  • Trailer-mounted 5000 GPM pump
  • 2 foam trailers, with two mounted and one portable monitors, with 900 gallons of foam concentrate in totes
  • 1 hose trailer with six-inch supply hose
  • 2 Ford F-550 trucks for equipment and towing
  • 1 dump truck to pull the pump trailer and carry spare foam totes. Previously served Parks and Recreation.

The foam trailers and pumper trailer were built by Combat Support System. They were delivered in 2015. View this PDF fact sheet about the system.  

Sharon Chase photo, via Wilmington Fire Dept history group on Facebook, posted March 2024.

Mike Legeros photo, May 2020

Mike Legeros photo, May 2020

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