City and County Budgets for FY18

Proposed budgets for FY18 have been announced of late, for local cities and counties. Here’s what’s happening on the fire department and fire service fronts, in those proposed budgets released thus far:


Salary range adjustments for firefighters, part of changes to compensation system for fire and police. Includes such adjustments as:
Starting pay will increase to $39,200, highest of any regional municipality in FY17.
Pay maximums for senior firefighters will increase by nearly 20%.

Two engines
One ladder (another tiller, we’ve heard)
One rescue (larger replacement for Rescue 1)
Other “service equipment” (two mini-pumpers, we’ve heard, for starters).

Ten firefighter positions, supported by grant from Homeland Security. Midyear addition, e.g. for calendar year 2018.
One Deputy Fire Marshal position.

Fire station maintenance – $1.3M
Fire Station 14 – $1.07M, addition funding to build retaining wall on site
Fire Station 1 – $1.6M out of $20.7M, over three fiscal years between FY17 and FY20
Fire driving course – $100,000, for design and preparation.



Thirty firefighter positions for two companies for Station 17, under construction on Leesville Road.


Wake County

Noticed Emergency Management now under Fire Services. Happened in September 2016. How’d he miss that?


Durham County

Nothing released yet.


Three firefighter positions.



Pumper replacement – #1706 – $650K
Replacing 1999 KME, current reserve

Note: Station 9 replacement on Walnut Street is already funded. Construction planned summer 2018 to fall 2019. See this project site.


Future Fiscal Years

Aerial ladder replacement (two) – $2,750,000

Aerial ladder replacement – $1,400,000
Sta 10 – O’Kelly Church Road – $750,000

Sta 10 – O’Kelly Church Road – $7M
SCBA replacement – $2M

Pumper replacement – $747,500
PPumper for Sta 10 – $800,000
Sta 10 – O’Kelly Church Road – $1.5M

Replacement pumpers – $4Mbr>RReplacement rescues – $1.2M
Sta 11 – White Oak Church Road
Sta 12 – West Lake/Middle Creek – $9.7M
Sta 13 – Lewter Shop Road and 751
Sta 14 – RDU/Pleasant Grove Church Road – $12M


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