Early Knightdale Tankers

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Let’s see if we can make some sense of Knightdale’s early tankers. Here’s what’s found in the old meeting minutes, plus a couple other sources:

Unknown year, International, 1200 gallons
Served 1957 to 1971

1956, Aug 02 – Ask Congressman for assistance in “getting surplus fire trucks”.
1957, Jan 03 – “International tank truck discussed and mounting pump therein.” Military surplus? Seems likely.
1957, Feb 07 – “Work on International truck discussed.”
1957, Mar 21 – Work session on truck.
1957, Apr 25 – “Red turn signals and blinker lights have been installed on International tank truck and it is filled with water and ready to go.”
1971, Jan 7 – Tanker needs repairs. Members vote to purchase replacement chassis and remount tank.
1971, Jan 21 – Replacement tanker chassis has been purchased, ready for tank remount.

1955 Reo/KFD, 1800 gallons
Served 1965 to 1975

1964, Mar 19 – Discussed need for another tank truck. G. E. Robertson to see about finding a “surplus truck.”
1964, Apr 16 – Purchase of new radio for new tanker approved.
1964, Oct 1 – Discussed procured required to purchase a surplus truck for use as a tanker. Purchase approved. [Truck is a 1955 Reo 2 1/2-ton, ten-wheel, M35 military cargo truck.]
1964, Dec 3 – Approved checking into the cost of a “new tank truck.”
1964, Dec 17 – Discussion on “size and makes of trucks needed for a tanker.”
1965, Jan 7 – Discussion on type of tank to mount on the “second tanker purchased recently.”
1965, Feb 4 – “Mounted the tank on the Reo and then returned to the meeting room.”
1965, Feb 18 – Approved to buy six red lights for tanker.
1965, Mar 4 – Approved removing the radio from the International tanker and installing in the Reo tanker, but only after the Reo tanker is “checked out and in service.” Also, several members worked on the Reo Tanker “after the room discussion.”
1965, Apr 1 – Approved to find a siren for “our #2 tanker.” [The Reo was designated Rural Truck 2.] Also approved to convert spark plugs and distributor to “conventional type.”
1965, May 6 – Approved to purchase “rotating red light” for tanker.
1975, Dec 21 – Advertised for sale in News & Observer, but with incorrect 1952 model year. Noted as 1,800 gallons, with winch, spare tires, and parts.
1976, Jan 15 – Bid received for $750 but members decide to postpone sale, to see if other (higher) bids are offered.
1976, Feb 5 – Sold to private owner for $800. Sale approved at member meeting.

Unknown year, unknown make, 1200 gallons
Served 1971 to 1973?

1971, Jan 7 – Chassis purchase approved at member meeting, to be bought from government surplus in Raleigh. Cost $250.
1971, Jan 21 – Truck has been purchased and is ready for transferring 1,200 gallon tank from old International.

1973 Ford/Atlas tanker, 1250 gallons – Tanker 3
Served 1973 to 1986

1972, Nov 2 – Chassis purchase approved at member meeting.
1972, Nov 16 – Tank purchase approved at member meeting.
1980, May 15 – Approved to purchase a new 2,000 gallon tank ($800), if it will fit. Alternate option is 1,500 gallon tank ($775).
1980, Jun 5 – New tank has been installed, and is equipped with Quick Dump.
1981, Apr 9 – Special meeting held to discuss Tanker 3, which is leaking. Members discuss options including (a.) purchasing new tank from Atlas Steel, costing $9,800 with three-month delivery, (b.) removing tank from rural truck, sandblasting, fixing weak seams, and installing for under $1,000. Members decide to let W. V. Pair repair the tank and, if it can’t be fixed, bid on purchasing a new tank
1981, May 20 – Approve purchase of 1,400 gallon “round” stainless tank from General Metals in Greensboro. Alternate cited as 1,450 gallons. And equipped with 2,000 gallon portable tank.
1981, Jun 18 – Replacement of tank reported as completed.
1986, Aug 17 – Advertised for sale in News & Observer. Sealed offers accepted through August 21.

1976 International/______ tanker, 1500 gallons – Tanker 2
Served 1975? to 19??

1976, Feb 18 – Delivered by this time, as reported in Gold Leaf Farmer story. Elliptical tanker with squared lower body. Lettered “Rural Truck 2.” Incorrectly called “pumper truck” in story.
1980, Jan 17 – Quick dump reported as installed.
[ date ] – Sold to West Johnston FD

1986 Chevy/EEI, 450/1200 – Tanker 3
1986, Jul 21 – Special meeting about Tanker 2. Members vote to replace instead of repair, to purchase demo/stock unit from EEI. Also, if feasible, use the tanker from Tanker 3.
Served 1986 to 19??

1986, Aug 6 – Placed in service, as reported in August 21 news story.
1986, Aug 21 – Pictured in Gold Leaf Farmer. Cost $55,300. Replaced “an older engine.” Diesel engine.

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