More Vintage Wallops Flight Facility Fire Apparatus

By way of a this thread in the Facebook group Fire & Rescue Apparatus 25 Years And Older, from Aaron Moore and originally photographed by someone at WFFFD, here are vintage rigs NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility fire department.

They’ve been added to my department profile and Antares rocket explosion recap, which originated as a blog post in April 2015.

Pictured are:

  • 1970s (?) Yankee/Walter crash truck
  • 1970s (?) Oshkosh MB5 crash trucks (2)
  • 1978 ______/Swab ambulance
  • 1980 Pemfab/PTI pumpers, 1000/500/40 (2)
  • 1980 White Commander II/Almont Welding Works runway foamer, 650/7000/1200

Click to enlarge:


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