Solved! – Mystery Rig – Squad 1

Morning After
This was solved within about twenty minutes on the Facebook side. Ex-Durham FD, former Rescue 1, later renamed Squad 1. Picture from the late 1990s or early 2000s, by Legeros:


Night Before
From a reader, this former “Squad 1” was seen in Garner, near the Quarry. Looks like a 1990s International.¬†

Someone will surely ID the thing, but will be a blog reader or Facebook follower? The race is on!

Thanks Kena! Click to enlarge:


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  1. When the Frontline body was remounted on that International chassis it was actually called Rescue 11. It was remounted by Excellance Ambulances in Huntsville AL. I want to say that remount was done in about 1992.

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