New Ladder for Apex

Recording this older news as a blog post, for the historical record. Late last year, the town of Apex received a new ladder truck, a 2019 Spartan/Smeal, 2000/400/105-foot. It was delivered in September/October. Exact date TBD. 

New Ladder 35 was placed in service at Station 5 on January __, 2020. It was operated at Station 5 by the crew of Ladder 34 for a couple months. On April 6, and following the graduation of a new fire academy, the town’s second fully-staffed ladder company was activated, with Ladder 34 at Station 4 and Ladder 35 at Station 5. 

Here’s the present ‘n’ past roster of aerial apparatus in Apex:

  • 2019 Spartan/Smeal rear-mount ladder, 2000/400/105-foot – L35.
  • 2006 E-One Cylone II rear-mount platform, 2000/?/95-foot, L34.
  • 2004 E-One Typhoon rear-mount ladder, 1500/500/75-foot, reserve.
  • 1989 Simon-Duplex/LTI rear-mount ladder, 1500/400/75-foot.

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