Not a Fire Chief’s Car From Dunn

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A friend found this one: Hemmings offering for a 1917 Simplex Touring Car that the seller notes was delivered as a fire chief’s car for Dunn, NC. 

That’s probably wrong. If you search the SPAAMFAA Peckham ALF registry, you’ll get this hit, which was a combination hose/chemical car. And probably interpreted by the seller as meaning this vehicle.

1551 – DUNN – NC – 40 COMB/JR. – 85758 – 6/16/1917 – ALF

Reasonable mistake. But for this fire historian, it fails the contextual consideration. Would a town the size of Dunn in the 1910s have purchased new ANY motor car for its fire chief? Probably not.

Submitted for your consideration.

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