Two Alarms at Sir Walter Apartments

Screengrabs form ABC11 footage.  

Two alarms were struck in downtown Raleigh on Monday morning, April 29, 2024. Dispatched ~1:40 a.m. for 400 Fayetteville Street. Sir Walter Apartments, senior living facility, ten-story high-rise. Built 1923[1].  

Engine 13 first-arriving with nothing showing. Smoke found on seventh floor. Heavy smoke, zero visibility found in fire apartment. Quickly controlled, contained to single apartment. One occupant rescued from apartment, transported by Wake County EMS. Battalion 2 with command, later transferred to Division Chief 1. 

Engine 1 added, after clearing another call. Squad 7 and Ladder 20 dispatched, for fire alarm at same location. Second alarm dispatched ~02:22 a.m. Added two engines and two ladders, staged at Fayetteville and Lenior streets. New Rehab 12 also responded (first call?). Plus a large, staggered response by EMS. Later units staging at EMS Station 1 on Davie Street, about a block away. Run card below.

Photos from Raleigh Downtown on Facebook

Multi-hour operations for ventilation (smoke on multiple floors) and assisting residents who were evacuated. Plus subsequent air monitoring. Plus firefighter rehab needs, that included EMS personnel to fourth floor, for rehab station.

Fayetteville Street was closed for several blocks. Most residents had been allowed back into building by 4:00 a.m. From PulsePoint, the following units were still on scene at 6:13 a.m.: E13, INV1, EMS72, EMS83, M96, D5, D7.

Listen to radio traffic.

[1] Oldest surviving hotel in Raleigh.

Run Card 

  • First-alarm at ~0140
    E13 E2 E5 E3 L1 L6 R16 B2 B3 ISO14
  • Added at ~0152
    E1 (cleared from fire alarm at 509 Glenwood)
  • Added at ~0155
    Sq7 L20 (commercial fire alarm activation)
  • Working fire at ~0157
    A10 B5 INV1 DC1
  • Second-alarm at ~0222
    E6 E8 L12 L14 (staging Fayetteville and Lenoir)
  • Also:
    Safety Chief
    Rehab 1 (staffed by Engine 8 personnel)
  • Medical (staggered)
    EMS13, EMS14, D5 EMS72, EMS87, EMS84, D7, D2 EMS71 EMS73 EMS83, EMS12, D4 (transporting rehab supplies from EM warehouse)

Move Ups

They included these relocations:

  • E6 > Sta 1
  • L12 > Sta 2
  • E11 > Sta 7
  • E12 > Sta 2
  • L4 > Sta 1


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