Two Alarms on Walden Pond Drive

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Mike Legeros photos

Two alarms were struck overnight in north Raleigh on Walden Pond Drive. It was the third of four working fires in the city in eight hours, between Saturday night, February 4, and Sunday morning, February 5, and the first of two extra-alarm fires during the same period. 

Dispatched 11:51 p.m. for 4707 Walden Pond Road. Two-story townhouse building with 7,914 [?] square-feet. Built 1973.

Engine 19 first arriving with heavy fire in front/left (A/B) corner of the building, on the first floor and extending into second floor and attic space. Interior attack, with second alarm requested with minutes and crews soon withdrawn for aerial operations and exterior streams. Ladder 15 deployed and flowed. Ladder 4 also raised but didn’t flow. 

Run card included:


  • E4, Sq7, E11, E15, E17, E19, E21, E22, E28
  • L1, L4, L15, L22
  • R16
  • B1, B2, B5 (command)
  • SO14
  • DC1, INV1, A10


  • EMS12
  • EMS10, EMS12, EMS30, EMS40, EMS43
  • M92, M93
  • D2, D3, D5, D7
  • T1

Chronology from radio traffic:

~11:52 p.m. – E19, L15, E11, E21, B5, E4, L4, B1, Sq7, ISO14. TAC18.
~11:52 p.m. – EMS30
~11:55 p.m. – Engine 19 arrived. Heavy fire from Division A and B. And had their own hydrant.
~11:56 p.m. – D7, EMS40, T1
~11:56 p.m. – B2, INV1, A10
~11:57 p.m. – EMS requests separate channel, TAC19
~11:58 p.m. – E15 added, at their request
~11:58 p.m. – Second line charged
~11:58 p.m. – Incoming EMS units, stage at entrance to Walenda, in cul de sac, due to limited unit parking closer to fire building
~11:59 p.m. – L15 requests second alarm 
~12:00 a.m. – E22, L22, E28, E17, L1
~12:00 a.m. – M92 added.
~12:01 a.m. – EMS43 added.
~12:03 a.m. – D2, EMS10, EMS12, M93 added.
~12:04 a.m. – Safety Chief en route.
~12:04 a.m. – D5 added.
~12:05 a.m. – Evacuate the structure.
~12:07 a.m. – R16 en route, clearing earlier fire on Glenwood Avenue.
~12:08 a.m. – D3 added.
~12:09 a.m. – All companies are clear, L15 can start flowing.  
~12:23 a.m. – L15 directed to stop flowing. Interior work with handlines resumed.
~12:27 a.m. – Fire under control.


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