Vintage Wilmington Fire Apparatus in 1997

Vintage Wilmington fire apparatus as photographed in September 1997. Wait, when did trucks from the 1980s start qualifying as vintage?!?

Courtesy of David Raynor, a blog reader, fire buff, and former law officer who lived in Raleigh and Greensboro in his day. Pictured left to right, top to bottom:

  • 1987 Ford/Grumman pumper, 1000/500
  • 1985 Ford/Quality pumper, 1000/500
  • 1979 Chevy/1990 Sturdy rescue
  • 1977 American LaFrance Century? pumper
  • 1963 Seagrave tiller

Click to enlarge:

2016-10-11-wfd1a 2016-10-11-wfd2a 2016-10-11-wfd3a 2016-10-11-wfd4a 2016-10-11-wfd5a 2016-10-11-wfd6a

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