Wake County EMS Adds Cary Units

Here’s the new “Cary Main” EMS station, activated on April 1, 2021, in old Cary Fire Station 2/Station 9 on Maynard Road. It’s occupied by Wake County EMS, who took over the response area of Cary EMS on that date. See below for summary of new EMS units and locations. Pics from April 2 and April 8, with a new apron nearly completed.  See more Legeros photos.

Effective April 1, 2021

New WCEMS units placed in service:

  • EMS 50, DC5 – Cary Main – 875 SE Maynard Road, old CFD Sta 2/Sta 9
  • EMS 51 – Cary West – 2101 High House Road, CFD Sta 5
  • EMS 52 – Morrisville – 10632 Chapel Hill Road, MFD Sta 2
  • EMS 58 – Mills Park – 408 Mills Park Drive, CFD Sta 8
  • EMS 59 – Cary East – 1427 Walnut Street, CFD Sta 9 – Start/stop location only, and posts at Cary Main, and parks outside in the rear of the Cary Main station. Daytime unit.

Note: Some of these unit designations were previously assigned to Cary EMS.

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