101 Years of Raleigh Tillers

The Raleigh Fire Department’s newest tiller was delivered this week, a 2017 Pierce Arrow XT, 1500/200/100′. See prior posting about the delivery.

It also marks 101 years of tractor-drawn fire apparatus in the Capital City. Let’s look back at each rig, and its history.  Click to enlarge, then scroll down to read details:

Photo credits include Joel Woods, Jeff Harkey, Mike Legeros,  and Lee Wilson (x3).

1916 American LaFrance Type 17 – 75′
Serial #1047. Delivered 1916. Spring-raised, two-section wooden. Tractor replaced in 1939. 

1939 American LaFrance 500 Series – Tractor only
Serial #L-1164. Delivered 1939. New tractor. Housed at Station 2 from 1942 to 1953. Retired by early 1970s. Sold circa 1980 to private owner, who stored outdoors in Apex. In 2008, bought by private owner in Harnett County, and now in poor condition.
Watch film footage of apparatus in action, circa 1950. See photos of apparatus in 2008.

1958 American LaFrance 700 Series – 100′
Serial #N-374. Delivered 1958. In service 1958. Open cab, front and back. Tractor replaced in 1980. Original tractor scrapped, after sitting outside training center for years.

1979 Mack MC – Tractor only
Serial #_____. New tractor. Placed in service as Truck 5 in 1980. Moved to Station 1 as Truck 1 in 1987. Refurbished in 1988, adding jump seats, enclosed tiller cab, and more. Moved to Station 16 in 1988. Moved to reserve status in 1995. Retired and sold in 199. Later operated by Wendell FD in Wake County, then Civietown FD in Brunswick County. Last seen in South Carolina in 2010.

2004 Pierce Arrow XT – 1500/300/100′
Job #15443. Shop #11030. Placed in service as Truck 1 in 2004. Renamed Ladder 1 in 2006. Renamed Ladder 4 in 2009. Removed from service as Ladder 4 on July 10, 2009, after overturning at the intersection of South and Dawson streets. Three of the four firefighters aboard were injured. The apparatus was totaled, and sold for salvage. 
Read blog archives post about accident.
See Lee Wilson photos of accident.
See Legeros photos of accident.
See Legeros photos of apparatus.

2010 Pierce Arrow XT – 1500/300/100′
Job #23121. Shop #11047. Delivered 2010. Placed in service 2010 as Ladder 4 at Station 1. Future Ladder 8 at Station 26
See Lee Wilson photos

2015 Pierce Arrow XT – 1500/200/100′
Job #28622. Shop #_____. Delivered 2015. Placed in service 2015 as Ladder 9 at Station 29.
See Lee Wilson photos

2017 Pierce Arrow XT – 1500/200/100′
Job #30630. Delivered 2015. Future Ladder 4 at Station 1
See Lee Wilson photos
See Legeros photos

For more detailed information, see my Raleigh Fire Department Apparatus Register.


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