Mapping The First Six Forks Fire Stations

Morning map play. Using USDA aerial images from 1959 and 1971 to pinpoint the exact location of the original Six Forks FD locations. Plus a 2021 aerial image noting their approximate locations today. Maps via UNC Library.

From my notes:

  • 1956, first fire station is converted barn on south side of Howells Store at 4129 Six Forks Road, which was located just south of the second/southern section of Lassiter’s Mill Road and Six Forks Road. Later location of Firestone Tires at North Hills Mall. The barn had room for one fire engine, and a canvas tarp covering the opening. There was a 7.5 HP siren on a pole beside the barn. The barn was being used as a fire station by September 1956.
  • 1959, circa, second fire station is a tin structure with a gravel floor in the 4400 block of Six Forks Road, on the east side of Six Forks, about mid-block. The building had room for two trucks, and a pair of pivoting doors. It was erected by March 1959. The fire department vacated its original location behind Howell’s Store. [Wish we had a surviving photo of this building.]
  • 1962/63, third fire station location is 5305 Six Forks Rd. Three-bay building constructed. Present location of EMS station #3. The 7.5 HP siren is moved farther north on Six Forks Road, to a spot near Northclift, near Sandy Forks Road. The alarm on the building itself is a 12-volt, battery-powered vehicle siren. From the Wake County BOC meeting on November 5, 1962, the department is reported as in process of building a new fire house, and will “assume its fire protection responsibilities January 1, 1963.”


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