New Facebook Fire Page – Legeros Fire Line

Yours Truly has created a new/old Facebook page for his “fire stuff,” cannily/curiously named Legeros Fire Line. (Get it?) Easy peasy web address:

Was previously named Legeros Fire Blog and with a slightly longer web address. For years, blog postings were repeated there. And Mike’s private Facebook page did dual duty of “personal stuff” and “fire stuff.”

Church and state have been separated. He’s now posting any and all errata to the new page, which is Public and doesn’t require any friend requests. (And much of which is also posted to Twitter and occasionally Instagram.)

Since activating on Friday, postings have included:

  • Apex Rescue Squad Ladies Auxiliary scrapbook scanning update
  • Charlotte’s old steamer gets tested – Duke Energy blog post link
  • End of Eras – How many departments ended operations on July 1?
  • Greensboro Record, 1978 – What if a plane crashed into a fuel farm?
  • Greensboro Record, 1944 – First rescue squad for Greensboro FD
  • Northern Wake FD – Pictures from Station 1 on their first day of operation
  • North Mecklenburg Rescue Squad’s final call, third-party link posted from YouTube
  • Steam fire engines in North Carolina – Links to my histories and photos
  • Stony Hill Fire Department signs-off, audio recording on YouTube, hosted by Legeros
  • Wake County fire station map of mine updated to reflect Northern Wake FD.

Check it out!


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