Raleigh Fire Facility Updates – Summer 2019

What’s happening with the city’s fire department construction projects? Here’s your summer update… 

Station 6  – Construction continues on rebuilding Station 6 on Fairview Road. Concrete masonry unit walls are finished on the first story, and construction continues upward with the second-floor slab placed. Planned completion January 2020.

The 1949 engine house was closed in May 2017, and Engine 6 was relocated to Station 5. Project progress has been slower in all phases, alas. During site prep, there was fuel contamination from an underground storage tank, as well as unsuitable soils for compaction and structure.

And as the walls have started going up, the pace is slower due to the very small site size, which adds a limit to on-site materials and activities at any time. See photos | read blog post

Station 11 – Renovations to Station 11 on Glen Eden Road are well-underway. Ladder 2 relocated to Station 25 on October 27, and Station 11 was vacated on December 5, when Engine 7 relocated to Station 7.

Renovations started in February, after demolition of the apparatus bay. The new, expanded bay structure has been completed, and interior work has started. Planned completion November 2019. See photos | read blog post.

Station 14 – Site work is nearly finished on new Station 14 on Harden Road. Sediment monitoring is nearing completion for the back fill of the retaining wall and footers and under-slab utilities should begin in July 2019.

Nearly identical to newly completed Station 12, it will replace a 3616 square-foot, 1974 engine house on Lake Boone Trail, with a 17,000 square-foot facility. See photos | read blog post.

Station 22 – The relocation of Station 22 on Durant Road is underway. Engine 22 and Ladder 5 were relocated to temporary quarters on February 5, 2019, at the Falls of Neuse water plant and Station 25 respectively. Haz-Mat 4, the decon unit, was also moved to Station 25.

 Demolition of the vacated fire station was done in March and April. The new station will be erected at 10050 Durant Road.  

Currently in design and plan review, facility is estimated to begin construction in the spring of 2020. The design team has to submit documents to the Board of Adjustment in August 2019 for final determination on multiple requested variances. See photos | read blog post.

Other updates:

New Station 1/HQ – Still planned for South Street between Dawson and McDowell street. The planned site is currently used as a vendor lot for the convention center. The city is in the process of purchasing nearby land as a replacement site for the vendor lot. Design of the new facility will commence in the fall of 2019, upon the closing of the South Street site.  

Renovating Station 15 – Design development complete and renovation construction documents being prepared for potential bid in the fall of 2019.  Targeting construction to begin upon the completion of Station 11 renovations, and moving Engine 11 and Ladder 2 (at Station 15) back to their quarters. This is the latest in a multi-year project to update legacy fire stations, after Station 5 and Station 2. 

New Training Center, Phase 1 – Land acquisition and preliminary services have been funded for FY20.  That’s the first part of the Phase 1 development, which is funded in FY20 and beyond. Planned site in the Battle Bridge Road area.     

Plans for relocating Station 3 (Rock Quarry Road) and new Station 13 (Ronald Drive) have been pushed out. They’ll be funded in a future coming budget year.   

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