Factory Photo of Warrenton’s Ford/Bean Pumper

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Warrenton history. Factory photo of 1964? Ford/Bean, 750/500. Reg # B6706. Called a John Bean HPV Fire Fighter, and equipped with high-pressure capability.

Delivered with two high-pressure fog guns, two 1 1/2-inch pre-connected lines, three 2 1/2-inch outlets, and 1,200-foot capacity hose bed. Cost around $18,000.

Lettered as “No. 3,” meaning the third motor truck for the town, following a 1938 Ford/Oren, and a 1910s ___/Howe.   

Scanned from photo print from the collection of the (future) Plummer Hook & Ladder Museum in Warrenton. They’re a non-profit organization housed in the town’s old fire station, and who are steadily working on their facility and exhibits, but are still a ways away from opening to the public.

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