Cary, Wake Forest Receive Tillers

Cary Receives First of Two Tillers

On September 1, 2019, the Cary Fire Department received the first of two twin tillers, a 2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant 1500/200/107-foot. The second is finishing production. Also, a third tiller will be (or has been?) ordered for this fiscal year. 

Photographer Lee Wilson was on hand, and has posted this and others to this Flickr album. See also a Farmer 911 Emergency Photography on Facebook. They’ve also posted photos and videos. 

Lee Wilson photo.

Wake Forest Receives Training Tiller

Last month, the Wake Forest Fire Department also received a tiller. That is, a training tiller. It’s former Boise Truck 5, a 2007 Crimson/Spartan, 103-foot ladder, no pump. Top and right are WFFD photos. Bottom is a shot from the GovPlanet listing. See dozens of more pictures there. 

The department will be training on the truck as they design their new tiller. Over the past several years they’ve look into a second service company and have decided that a tiller is their best option. Congrats!

No word if a bushel of potatoes was included in the purchase.

Wake Forest Fire Department / GovPlanet photos

Current Count for Wake County

Cary – One delivered, one in production, one to be ordered
Raleigh – Four in service
Wake Forest – One delivered for training, one to be ordered

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