Cary, Wake Forest Receive Tillers

Cary Receives First of Two Tillers

On September 1, 2019, the Cary Fire Department received the first of two twin tillers, a 2019 Pierce Enforcer Ascendant 1500/200/107-foot. The second is finishing production. Also, a third tiller will be (or has been?) ordered for this fiscal year. 

Photographer Lee Wilson was on hand, and has posted this and others to this Flickr album. See also a Farmer 911 Emergency Photography on Facebook. They’ve also posted photos and videos. 

Lee Wilson photo.

Wake Forest Receives Training Tiller

Last month, the Wake Forest Fire Department also received a tiller. That is, a training tiller. It’s former Boise Truck 5, a 2007 Crimson/Spartan, 103-foot ladder, no pump. Top and right are WFFD photos. Bottom is a shot from the GovPlanet listing [link expired:]. See dozens of more pictures there. 

The department will be training on the truck as they design their new tiller. Over the past several years they’ve look into a second service company and have decided that a tiller is their best option. Congrats!

No word if a bushel of potatoes was included in the purchase.

Wake Forest Fire Department / GovPlanet photos

Current Count for Wake County

Cary – One delivered, one in production, one to be ordered
Raleigh – Four in service
Wake Forest – One delivered for training, one to be ordered

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