City, County Proposed Budgets Announced – Details on Fire Spending

Budgets have been proposed for both the city and county, for Fiscal Year 2016-2017. Here are details on the fire department and fire services expenditures:

City of Raleigh

Proposed budget presented to City Council on Tuesday.


  • Replace two engines and one ladder. [ Ed. note #1: Need more! Ed. note #2: Hearing it’s actually two ladders and one engine. ]
  • Move Station 1 and Headquarters out of warehouse district, with new facility built over three years.
  • Add two full-time positions: Deputy Fire Marshal and Senior Staff Support Specialist. The latter converts a part-time funded position.

Capital Projects:

  • Continued fire station renovation program ($6.5M over five years).
  • New Fire Station 1 and Administrative Offices ($23.9M over four years).

About the New HQ:

To meet the Fire Department’s operational and administrative needs, and to facilitate economic development efforts in the downtown Warehouse district, the CIP funds a replacement for Fire Station 1 and a replacement administrative space for Fire Department management staff. Staff tentatively expects to construct a new station up to 21,000 square feet, an administration space up to 13,000 square feet. The project budget also funds land acquisition and a parking deck. Depending on the site selected for the station, additional land and a parking deck may not be necessary in this case, the project budget will be decreased.

For context and perspective on the fire department’s facility planning, see their 2015-2020 Strategic Plan (PDF).

Other Public Safety:

New police training center, to be built on Battlebridge Road ($22.6M over three years). Pilot program for police to test body cameras ($1.5M). Add twelve positions to Central Communications Center, ten call takers and two supervisors.

See budget docs.

Wake County

Proposed budget presented to the Board of Commissioners on Monday.


  • Operating budget increased by 18 percent or $3.3M from last year, for Fire Tax District.
    • Attributed to 1.48 cent tax rate increase.
    • Added funding for implementation of a new cost-sharing funding formula ($1.67M)
    • Funding to improve salaries, based on a labor market study ($856,000).
    • Operating expansions at eight fire departments ($450,000)
    • System-wide expense for employee medical exam reimbursements ($200,000)
    • etc.
  • Planning and design costs for Wendell Falls Fire Station ($150,000).
    • Land has been acquired, will make inquiries on location.
    • Scheduled to be complete by 2021.
  • Replacement of ten vehicles and apparatus ($1.82M):
    • Bay Leaf Rescue 36 – 1991 E-One Cyclone heavy rescue
    • Durham Highway Pumper 3 – 1997 Pierce Dash, 1500/1000
    • Fairview Engine 8 – 1996 Pierce Dash, 1500/1000
    • Garner Engine 9 – 1994 Pierce Dash, 1000/1500
    • Holly Springs Engine 3 – 2007 Pierce, 1000/1000
    • Fuquay-Varina Tanker 2 – 1995 Freightliner/S&S, 450/1500
    • Morrisville Rescue 2 – 2000 Ford F-550 light rescue
    • Wake Forest Engine 4 [Former] – 1996 E-One, 1500/1000
    • Wake Forest Utility 5
    • Zebulon Car 1
  • Replacement of equipment ($3.5M):
    • 800mhz radio upgrade ($1.4M)
    • SCBA ($1.14M)
    • PPE ($675,000)
    • etc.

Some of this information is not contained in the budget, and was obtained from Wake County Fire Commission meeting documents, and as requested from Wake County Fire Services. Apparatus makes/models/years via Google and Legeros records.

See budget doc.

Other Public Safety:

Seven new full-time positions for Wake County EMS, six to expand the Advanced Practice Paramedic (APP) program (four paramedics to staff two 12-hour units and two supervisors to provide 24-hour management), and an Administrative Assistant to support EMS and Fire Services jointly. Funding to convert one ambulance from 24-hour to two 12-hour shifts.

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    • There we go! Finally the Pierce rescue will be back in the county and that’ll make (2) with Durham Highway’s Rescue 5. With as many Pierce trucks as Bay Leaf has, I would have been surprised to see anything else.

  2. Would love to know the specs for the pumpers, rescues, and tankers. Is it still the Pierce Impel chassis for the pumpers? Wish the county would standardize the manufacturer at some point in time. Durham Highway loves their *Pierce* rescue, yet we are ordering a different brand for rescues than we are pumpers. Also, did the country switch from KME tankers to another? I remember the dissatisfaction that the council had with the completion and delivery processof the Bay Leaf/New Hope/Wake Forest tankers.

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