Contract for New Chapel Hill Fire House – August 1921

From excerpts of town minutes, as recorded as a nine-page typed document for the fire department. 

Aug. 9, 1921 – P.154

Contract for  new Fire House with  J. T.  Squires for  $3,988. 18  X   40  ft. inside. Wall foundation  to  be 21″ thick;  1st story 13″ thick; 2nd  story 8″ thick. 1st floor to  be 4″  concrete, 1  part cement,  3  parts sand  & 5  parts stone, etc. Stairway to  be  built in  the   usual way, with  rail and bolsters. All  woodwork to have  two  coats  of  good  paint.

Plumbing:    Shower  bath   of  standard quality.   Vitreous   china toilet  combination.   One  enameled   iron  sink with  hose  connection.   Sewer  to  be standard cast  iron from  house  to  main.

Electric  Wiring:    Nine  electric lights to  be installed .  Wiring  to  be conduit.

Middle of Columbia Street

Said fire station was built of brick. It was ordered erected in a meeting on August 4, 1921. The location was “the middle of Columbia Street just north of Rosemary Street.” The cost was approximately $4,000. Mayor J. S. Roberson appointed Dr. Pratt and M. W. Durham to serve with the Fire Committee as a Building Committee to “let contract and supervise construction.”

Here’s the building depicted in a Sanborn Fire Insurance map from 1925. See this January 2015 blog archives posting for more information about prior and later fire station locations. Click to enlarge:

Vintage Image

Here’s a vintage image of the building, circa 1920s. It was used until 1938, when a Town Hall and fire station was built beside this location, at the corner. Click to enlarge:


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