Snorkels in North Carolina

Edit: Master list updated October 2, 2022

This is a re-posting of a Legeros Blog Archives posting from December 21, 2013, that’s no longer available on the old site, due to technical problems.

Articulating platforms, to be specific. Snorkel is a brand name. Let’s extend the discussion from this thread, as well as the topic itself, which replays on this blog every twelve to eighteen months.

Here are some photos, with credits listed at the bottom of the posting. 

Here’s the data.  

Department Unit Make/Model Height Pump Notes
Asheboro   1966 Ward LaFrance / Hi-Ranger 85 Yes 1000 GPM, no tank. Spec #80-119. Source Andrew Messer via FB:
Asheville Ladder 1 1977 ALF 900 Series / Snorkel 85 No  
Central Alexander   Tower 1 1985 E-One Custom/Snorkel 85 Yes Ex-Southard, NJ [?].
Charlotte Platform 1 1969 ALF AeroChief 80 Yes [ need specs ]

Retired after damaged in accident at Pierce plant, while being refurbished. Boom was left raised overnight and collapsed into cab. 

Charlotte Ladder 1 1984 Duplex D-350/Grumman/Snorkel 85 Yes 1000/300. 
Charlotte Ladder 16 1986 Pierce Arrow/Snorkel 85 Yes 1 of 2. 1000/200.
Charlotte Ladder 18 1986 Pierce Arrow/Snorkel 85 Yes 2 of 2. 1000/200.
One of the two later served Cainoy Rural FD in SC. With 300 tank and 1985 model year cited. Source: Lee Wilson on FB.
Chocowinity   See Washington      
Durham Snorkel 1 1971 Ward LaFrance /Hi-Ranger  85 Yes 1500 GPM, no tank
Fayetteville   1980 Oshkosh/Pierce 85 Yes Alt. Pierce/Hendrickson. 1250 GPM. Source: Lee Wilson via FB. 
Franklin    See Greensboro      
Gamewell   See Lenoir      
Goldsboro Snorkel 1 1979 Hendrickson/Pierce/Snorkel 85 Yes 1000 GPM, no tank. Source Jay Thomson on FB, via Wayne Greer info.
Greensboro   1972 ALF 1000 Series AeroChief 80 No Reg 13-1-2785. Also cited as JW9543. Source FB post, 

Later served Franklin, NC.

Greenville Snorkel 1 1970 Ward LaFrance / Hi-Ranger 85 Yes 1250 GPM. No tank. Specs from FB conversations.
Henderson Snorkel 1 1977 Hendrickson/Pierce/Snorkel   Yes  
Henderson/Vance County    See above      
High Point   1976 Pierce/Oshkosh/Snorkel 75 Yes  
Lenoir Snorkel 1 1972 Pierce/Oshkosh/Snorkel   Yes Later served Gamewell FD. Now
privately owned.
Lexington   1989 Duplex D-500/Gumman/Snorkel 85 Yes Alt year 1988. 1500/300. #18076. Source: Dave Organ via FB post. Last seen in Amarillo, TX,
with the Snorkel remounted on a 6×6 for a tree-trimming business
North Wilkesboro   Unit 2105 1988 Duplex D-450T / Grumman / Snorkel 85 Yes 1500, 300. #17964. Source: Dave Organ, via FB:
Ocean Isle Beach   1971 ALF AeroChief 90 Yes Ex-Metro Dade, FL. Sold to Panama
Fire Apparatus in 1986. Refurbed,
painted red, sold to OIBFD. Later
sold to Iberia Parish Fire District #1
in Louisiana.
Raleigh Truck 1 1988 Pierce Arrow/Snorkel 85 No E-4266, shop #011005. Source: MJL
Rocky Mount   1979 Oshkosh/Pierce[?]/Snorkel 85 Yes 1250 GMP pump. Source: RMFD history book. Alt. year 1979
Sanford   1968 ALF AeroChief 80 Yes  
Southern Shores   2002? ALF/______      
Spring Lake   1968 Young Crusader 85 Yes 1000/200. Ex-Henrietta, NY.
Stantonsville/Moyton   1978 Pierce/Oshkosh 85 Yes Acquired 2007. Alt. citation 1979. Ex-Gladwyne Fire Co., Montgomery County, PA 
Statesville   1973 ALF Century / Snorkel 85 Yes 1250/250
Thomasville Snorkel 1 1967 Pierce/FWD/Snorkel 75 Yes 1967 FWD LF5-3229 6X4/Pierce Snorkel. FWD Serial # Q-4272, Sales Order # 72518, TCMI Low Profile Canopy Cab # 18847, Waukesha 145GZ 300 HP Gas/5 Speed Manual. Sold to Lillian FD (Lillian, AL.); Sold to Boldo FD (Boldo, AL.) on GovDeals 08/2015. Source: Nick Lilick via FB,
Vance County   See Henderson      
Washington   1979 ALF/Snorkel   Yes Later served Chocowinity, NC.
Western Carteret FD   1970 Young/Snorkel 75 No Two-axle. From Long Island, NY
Wilson   1978 Hendrickson/Pierce/Snorkel 85 Yes 1250 GPM, no tank. Info from Jay Thomson on FB, via Wayne Greer info. Alt year 1977.
Winston-Salem Snorkel Unit 1
Aerial 3
1963 FWD/Baker/Pittman 75 Yes 1000/0. Two-axle. Baker body from Micah Bodford, via FB. Alt described as having a Pierce body. 
Winston-Salem Aerial 1 1968 Oshkosh/Pierce/Snorkel 85  Yes Three-axle

Plus Bronto Sky-Lifts

  • Jamesville – 2002 E-One 2000/300/100. Former Tallahassee, FL, Truck 4.
  • Linwood Rural – 2001 E-One Cyclone II / 2000/300/118′ Bronto Skylift SO # 123664, Former Penn Township Fire Co. of Hanover, PA, Truck 49.  
  • Military Ocean Terminal at Sunny Point – 2002 E-One/Bronto SkyLift, 2000/280/20 and a Williams ATP foam proportioner. 
  • Pembroke (L21) – 2007 E-One Cyclone II/Bronto SkyLift, 2000/300/100-foot, #131966

Photo Credits

Asheboro – Lee Wilson
Asheville – Wayne Greer via Jay Thomson collection
Central Alexander – Andrew Messer
Charlotte – eBay sale listing, Lee Wilson, Jeff Harkey x2
Chocowinity – CFD
Durham – Lee Wilson
Fayetteville – Richard Adleman collection
Goldsboro – Wayne Greer via Jay Thomson collection
Greensboro – Richard Adleman photo [?]
Greenville – eBay sale listing
Henderson – Lee Wilson
Lenoir – Andrew Messer
Lexington – ?
North Wilksonboro – ?
Ocean Isle Beach, before serving OIB – ?
Raleigh – Lee Wilson
Sanford – Lee Wilson
Spring Lake – Lee Wilson
Stantonsburg – Lee Wilson
Statesville – Lee Wilson
Thomasville – Lee WIlson
Washington – Lee Wilson
Western Carteret – WCFD
Wilson – Wayne Greer via Jay Thomson collection
Winston-Salem – Richard Adleman collection x 2, Scott Mattson collection


December 21, 2013 – Josh Clay
I think Charlotte may have also had an 80’s Grumman snorkel. Anyone else remember that one?

December 21, 2013 – Lt. Lemon
Photo showing Asheboro’s Snorkel operating on a commercial fire in March 2013. Thought it might be of interest.

December 23, 2013 – Legeros
Thanks Josh. Someone else was saying that very thing. Here’s Ladder 1, the third Snorkel from that area: Maybe someone has a color pic, posed.

December 23, 2013 – BFD1151
Couple of updates: The Lenoir snorkel later went to Gamewell VFD and is now privately owned in Lenoir. Lexington’s snorkel was a 1988 Duplex D500/Grumman. It was last seen in Amarillo,TX with the snorkel itself removed and remounted on a 6×6 by a tree trimming business Ocean Isle Beach had a 1971 ALF 90′ Aero Chief snorkel from Metro Dade,FL. It later went to Iberia Parrish Fire Dist #1 in Louisiana. The 1964 FWD snorkel in Winston-salem had a Baker body served as Aerial 3 for many years. Winston’ 1968 snorkel was an Oshkosh chassis and Pierce body. It was Aerial 1 downtown.

December 24, 2013 – TRNewman
The Henderson truck went to Vance County when the County hired its own Chief and split away from its leadership by contract with the City of Henderson.The truck when purchased was purchased on a 50/50 agreement between the City of Henderson and the County of Vance. The City housed the truck and provided the manpower to operate it, the County occurred most of the maintenance expense. When the City received their new ladder truck the truck was used for fires outside the city limits and for training and service when the new city truck was down for maintenance and was mainly stored at the city utilities garage. When the County received the truck they kept it for a while and then sold it to a dealer I believe in South Carolina and now have no idea where the truck.

December 8, 2014 – joseph webb

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